Call Of Duty: Elite's 404 Page Is Wonderful

Call of Duty: Elite is suffering a rocky rollout. Things haven't gone as expected, but in good time, Activision will hopefully get things ironed out. Until then, there's this.

The above 404 image appears when you try to enter "status" on the Call of Duty: Elite website. It sums up how many feel about the Elite launch, especially with the server out of commission, and it also puts the blame on the group that deserves it most: The zombies.

Late last week, Activision told Kotaku that it would take "a couple of weeks" to make Elite fully operational. Until then, enjoy this 404 page.

404 Page [Call of Duty: Elite]


    Oh how I do like a good 404 page.

      I would like you all to direct your attention to THIS 404, which is awesomera:

        Ha! I've never seen that one before, thanks! I don't know why, but I just like the idea that someone put their time and effort into something that they hope most visitors will never see. I guess being a web design student makes me like these types of things. :P

    As much as I like to see Activision fail, I feel sorry for all the paying customers not getting what they've paid for.

      Lol I don't. Why the hell would you pay for Elite?

      They will get extra months, I think they already got an additional 3 months or something.

      Activision have already said that paying subscribers are getting a free month.

    Lol are Activision laying 46% of the blame on us for the page not being found??

      Shouldnt it be 100% Activision fail?

      Toasey, I propose you use a more logical line of thought in the future.

      They're clearly taking the piss out of themselves with the 404 page and they've made some ridiculous spelling errors recently. Now using the aforementioned logic, who do you think the "46% terrible spelling" is actually aimed at?

      In case you can't figure it out, I'll give you a small hint. The answer is;

        Geez your a patronising git.

        Clearly the reason for the 404 error is because the Elite service is not active.

        You would get a 404 for entering a website address incorrectly.

        Are you inferring Activision are admitting the reason the Elite service is down is because Activision cant spell? If this 404 message does not exists when the Elite service is running correctly, which I highly doubt your logic would be valid.

          *Face palm.


          Really? Of course the 404 error is there because it's not active. Thanks for the heads up though, Sherlock (thought you'd enjoy more patronising).

          I'm referring to the very very simple fact that they've gone out of their way to craft the 404 page to match the layout of elite. That they're clearly mocking their own inability to have it running smoothly with things like the 100% FAIL. That it is also equally obvious that the spelling remark would be referring to their own spelling blunders. To see it as anything but is all manner of ridiculous.

    wow some people can't take a joke

      And some people don't know how to post replies in threads on Kotaku. We all have faults.

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