Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Shatters All Sales Records, Surprises No One

More than 6.5 million people bought copies of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 in the US and UK in the first 24 hours of its release, Activision said today.

That makes it the largest entertainment launch in history, with sales of more than $US400 million. That topples last year's record-breaking release of Call of Duty: Black Ops, which managed to sell 5.6 million copies the day it went on sale. That means Black Ops sold $US360 million worth of copies in its first 24 hours of release in the US and UK. That compared to the $US310 million that Modern Warfare 2 pulled in two years ago by selling 4.7 million copies.


    It's surpising how a game that has bought nothing new to it's franchise for atleast 5 years, has mediocre graphics and an awful story manages to sell 6.5 million copies. I guess 12 year olds just buy this game to fit in..

      ^ One internets for you sir

        Rob, its the mario kart of shooters, and its fun. You must know that the average age of purchasers isn't 12. Try not to be so condescending please.

      Zelda seems to do okay after 15 years of the same shit.

        True but this year's Zelda seems to be doing something a little different.

        There's a difference. Zelda is a one-time purchase with no DLC, and is actually worth buying. Don't compare COD to Zelda, it's like comparing a 1965 Ford Mustang to, say, a Toyota Camry

      did you actually played the first modern warfare?

      a game is a game, with such "mediocre" graphics, i won't complain, considering i still think the graphics of dune 2 is still good

      it is also a lesson to other devs, graphics is not everything nowadays

        While I agree that a game is a game, you'd think that the developers would at least up the effort in terms of the graphics and gameplay at least once over the past 5 years? Every Call of Duty game uses an engine based on IdTech 3, which was made in 1999. Its almost 2012 now.

      CoD is the ultimate non-gamers' game. Even all the jocks I know think it's "cool" to play CoD, and non-gamers or casual gamers couldn't care less if they're getting the same experience year after year and couldn't care less if a much better game is shoved in their face. It's just, "oh, new CoD game, I must buy it".

        This. So much people I knew from high school have an Xbox and only play CoD on it because its seen as "cool".

      To be honest 5 years ago CoD3 was had just came out, compare that to CoD4 and saying it's the same, well no, theres a reason CoD became so popular between the two games, something must've been different. Then further yourself to how much MW2 changed CoD..

    im surprised a bit to be honest. i know a LOT of people who were not excited for mw3 and didnt buy it, who usually would. many chose to get battlefield (like myself) instead, or even skyrim.

    while i know the numbers behind call of duty are massive, i thought there would have been SOME decrease in numbers, not an increase.

    Haters gunna hate.

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