Call Of Duty's Elite Service Still Broken, But Getting Better

Elite, Call of Duty's answer to stat tracking, community building, help guides and original videos, remains mostly unusable nearly two days after the service's official launch. But teams are working around the clock on fixing the problems, Activision tells Kotaku.

"We are being challenged by a response beyond any of our expectations on day one," said Activision Digital vice president Jamie Berger. "But we're making good headway."

Berger said one of the biggest issues is the flood of new users signing up for the service. The developers today were able to greatly increase the number of people who can register at a time for both the free and premium versions of the service, something they hope will have a big impact on the service's stability.

"This is like that terrible birthing pains any new online service goes through," Berger added.


    Wasn't working last night either... but I'll try again tonight.

    I can't wait to read all about people raging over paying so much for something that's not overly functional...

      60 dollars is SO much? Ok......

        Bf3 service is free

          So how were those server issues for you?

            I've had no issues at all with BF3 on 360 or PC, whereas I've had nothing but laggy & disconnected games with MW3 and can't get onto Elite at all. Yeah, BF3 FTW.

              Also battlelog worked fine for the most part on day one, with a fwe platoon issues other than that worked fine. Come on guys i want to intiate my founder status :(

    for a service that should be free... yes

      It's not worth paying for unless you're willing to blow that much cash on miniscule amounts of DLC.

    Beyond their expectations? Bullshit. Every other press release went on about how everyone and their mum would be buying this.

    Comes for free with the Hardened edition and includes all future DLC. If you are an avid CoD player you will most likely buy all the DLC packs so it's a good deal. Haters gonna hate! But seriously, I would like to be able to use Elite today thanks!

      Free for a year with only that year's worth of DLC. Anything beyond that, gotta pony up.

        If Activision plan CoD as an annual release, do you think they will continue making DLC for MW3 after one year?

        In the meantime, say they release 4 map packs at AUD19.95 each, that's AUD99.80 right there. If you are planning to buy all four packs, AUD65.00 starts looking pretty good.

          Damn my crappy brain..... AUD79.80

            You'd gladly pay 65 AU for 16 multiplayer maps?

            ^ This is what is wrong with gamers today, and it's why developers and publishers seldom give you the full game you paid for for your upwards of $80AU purchase.

    Signed up via PSN last night and Australia is spelt "Austrialia" in the country drop down list...

    Things get so much harder to make work when you can't just copy-paste right guys?

    Sorry, had to :D

    The only thing Activision are guilty of is enticing users to buy all four pieces of DLC at the same time with a reduced price. The rest of the features were either included as part of the free version, or are an added bonus.

    They didn't expect the numbers? Bull. Shit.

    Just another example of game developers using gamers as unpaid beta testers.

    *slow hand clap*

    I guess all new AAA games these days need a giant stuff up on release. At least this time it's just an amusing social companion service and not the actual game.

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