Can You Punch A Dragon To Death In Skyrim?

I'm not going to spoil it, but ask yourself why I would be posting this video.

Man, dragons are such pussies in this game.

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    Yeah they are disappointingly weak...

      I'm playing master difficulty and currently level 48. 2 fire breathe kills me. One bite-fling attack animation by dragon kills me as well. Gotta stop playing adept difficulty. =/

      yeah if they too weak for you, just up the difficulty.. i find them just right atm, but they are getting easier as my bow gets more epic

    Now try a giant.

    "I'M FLYING!"

      Agreed! I love the fact when they hit you, you are sent flying.

    I haven't played it, but that AI looks pretty dense.

    A handy and well written guide, should you wish to try this yourself.

    depends on the Skill setting your playing on. I was initially playing Master and found insanely difficult. Dropped it to Expert and Bandit Outlaws were insanely difficult to beat. Dragons, Saber tooth tigers, bears and trolls were impossible.

    I'm now playing Adept and am able to take on most with what I have.

    If your finding it too easy then bump up the skill setting.

    There's a heavy armour perk that adds your guantlet armour rating to unarmed damage, so say ebony gloves do 20-30 Pts. damage more than some swords.

    i dont get how hes not getting eaten, if i step ANYWHERE near a dragon's face he just bites my head and chucks me away.. like as in its scripted to do that... maybe it's something to do with armor cause i am a mage and wearing necro robes

    A dragon is still a hard fight for me but I'm finding the dwemer sphere centurions are harder. For some reason every 2nd or 3rd dragon I meets just circles me for a few minutes then buggers off over the horizon. Are they scared coz they never saw a Kajit before?

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