Cat Mario Is One Mean Bastard. Just Ask This Guy, Bro.


    Ask most Australian asians under 25 and they'll know who Chonny (mychonny) is. 2nd most subscribed Youtuber in Australia.

    Oh god, that was hilarious, and the japanese subtitles (complete with emotes) just add to the 'wtf is this?' factor.

      Well, its not actually Japanese, but running text commentary during the game does make it more awesome (kinda like how Japanese variety shows will show subtitles all the time)

    Cant stand the guy.


        I know a(nnoying) guy that sounds just like him -__-

    I preferred the LP of this from three years ago:

    As much as I dislike his YouTube personality, why don't you link to his PROPER YouTube video, you know the one where he earns money from his views.

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