Character Creation Is Back And Better Than Ever In Soulcalibur V

My favourite feature of Soulcalibur IV was the ability to create my own custom characters and see how they fare on the stage of history. Judging by these new screens, it'll probably be my favourite feature of Soulcalibur V as well.

With the inclusion of stickers and scars, pattern changing and scaling, weapon effects and more, it looks like Project Soul would rather I just sit in character creation all day long, pumping out kitty girls like some sort of one-man neko factory, and you know what? That's perfectly fine with me.


    oooh, looking forward to this one, customisation looks pretty nuts.
    stickers/tattoos are a cool addition.

    I hated the addition of custom characters. The kind of fantasy style they have going doesn't welcome them in my opinion, and I don't like having multiple skins (that are indistinguishable from their origin) for playstyles.

    Though I appreciate the new features in the CAS, I'm disappointed by -
    A) The lack of new hairstyles/faces. Anyone that's spent their time in Create A Soul mode in SC4 can recognize them instantly.
    B) The lack of the Tales of Souls mode, my favorite part of Soul Calibur 3.

    Why, Namco, why?

    my biggest peeve with the 4 custom creation vs the 3 one is that in 3 it was ONLY asthetic. in 4 it was a choice between look good or kick ass.

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