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You know, there is only one appropriate thing for me to say this week...


SKYRIM! PC Retail - ~$43.80 Xbox 360 – $66.90 PS3 – ~$53.55

Modern Warfare 3 PC Retail - $56.50 Xbox 360 - $63.50 PS3 - ~$53.55

LA Noire: Complete Collection PC Digital Download - $41.97 PC Retail - ~$43.36

ARMA Franchise – 50% off Batman: Arkham Asylum GOTY - $6.79 Batman: Arkham City (pre-order) - $44.37 Commandos: Complete Collection - $7.50 Fantasy Wars - $3.75 Lego Batman - $6.78 RAGE - $60.29 Settlers 7 Deluxe Gold Edition (MAC) - $11.99 The Settlers Complete Collection - $24.00 - Sonic Generations - $28.79

Brink - $27.99 Create - $21.38 Crysis 2 - ~$23.39 Dark Void - $21.35 Deus Ex: Human Revolution - ~$23.19 Duke Nukem Forever - ~$34.33 Dungeon Siege 3 Limited Edition - ~$20.26 Need for Speed Shift 2 Unleashed - ~$16.98 Sonic Generations - ~$20.26 Tom Clancy’s Collection - $20.15

Dante’s Inferno - $24.32 Deus Ex Human Revolution - $23.39 Fable 3 - $20.26 Halo 3 ODST - ~$20.26 Halo Reach - ~$15.56 Lego Star Wars III - $24.32 Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit - ~$23.39 Singularity - $20.32 Split Second: Velocity - $20.32 Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Conviction - $18.64

Blur - $18.76 Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box - ~$22.04 Call of Juarez: The Cartel - $23.45 Child of Eden - $20.32 Darksiders - $20.41 Demon’s Souls - ~$23.39 Deus Ex Human Revolution - $23.39 Dungeon Siege 3 - $19.14 Katamari Forever - $24.90 Splinter Cell Trilogy: HD Collection - ~$23.39

Wii Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop - ~$18.76 Just Dance 2 - ~$23.39 Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 - ~$20.26 The Smurfs Dance Party - ~$20.32

NDS Bakugan: Defenders of the Core - ~$17.19 Disney Fairies: Tinker Bell - ~$20.32 Moto Racer DS - ~$18.13 Super Street Fighter IV 3D (3DS) - ~$23.39 Thomas and Friends: Hero of the Rails - ~$20.26

Know any other great deals? tell us where in the comments or on Facebook.


    You know, I read the start of this post(without checking the title) and I was all "WHAT?!" and then I was like "Oh."

    True story, and then I found ten dollars.

    Where has Skyrim for $43? Ozgameshop?

      Mouse over the link and it tells you down the bottom of your browser.
      Or you could, you know... click it.

      You can also take a look at Intkeys.

        kinda hard to mouse over anything when viewing on a phone. Also hard to tell its a link when viewed from a phone. Now I know.

      play-asia by the looks of the link. They're pretty good. i've bought heaps of stuff through them in the past, including Mortal Kombat for my 360. It arrived in 3 days!!

      $43 isn't the cheapest you can get it lol

      Try $28.

      I got my copy of BF3 from that website for $38, extended edition and all. Student budget + that website = amazing

    It's so shiny!



    I got skyrim for 55 dollars fro G2Play. They're alright by me. Play-Asia is also good, as is Direct2Drive. Basically, if you can avoid EB, avoid EB. I have nothing against the people who work at EB, I just think they're prices are a rip-off. By all means, they have the right to charge that price.... and I have the right to find a better deal elsewhere.

      Just looking at G2Play now, how does it work exactly? They email you the product key, which you enter into steam to download?

    Like the new look - very nice :)

      Thanks, I did it myself. Except for the xbox, playstation and ninty headers. I just stole used the kotaku ones and shrunk them. :P

        Yeah, really really good! Love it!

        Also, lambo... I saw what you said about Pirates. You disapoint me, son...

          Maybe next time I should put my hands over your eyes instead of your ears...

    Demons souls is actually cheaper at ozgameshop

      At the time of writing the Ozgameshop site was down for maintenance...

    Does buying a game from overseas have any affects on its online play?

    New layout is sweet lambo :)
    You need Mark to hook you up with one of those author tabs for your replies.

      Not sure if that's possible to have that just for the cheapskate articles. I'd end up having it everywhere...
      Wait, that's not so bad actually... ;)

    Did you know you can sing "Skyrim" to the tune of "Friday", and once you do, you can never get it out of your head? True story.



        Its Sky-rim, Sky-rim
        Gotta go buy Sky-rim
        Everybody's lookin' forward to the street break, streat break
        Sky-rim Sky-rim

        slashin' bashin' (yeah)
        slashin' bashin' (yeah)
        loot, loot, loot, loot
        Lookin' forward to the street break

        Yesterday was BF3, BF3
        Today i-is Sky-rim, Sky-rim (slashin!)
        We-we-we so excited
        We so excited
        We gonna kill a dragon today!


    PC (and wait a day - Also they aren't using DX11 for some godless reason) or Xbox???

      Depends, are you the type of person who downloads mods and textures and a swarth of community custom content, or do you prefer to sit on a couch?

    Firefox is telling me that Zavvi's security certificate is invalid when I try to checkout. Anyone else getting that?

    My recommendation is ignore Zavvi/TheHut prices, as the company is useless.

    Put through an order in late September for 5 in-stock games (used a combination of 2 for 25 pound and 10% vouchers, so got some good prices), the refused to ship them. Their only response to multiple questions I asked about why they hadn't shipped was "console games take a month to ship". Which is a completly idiotic response, as what is the point of saying an item is in-stock then?

    As of early November games had still not shipped, nor did they bother to answer any further requests. So order completly cancelled, and I will certainly not order from Zavii/TheHut again, and will stick to OzGameshop,, Play-Asia etc.

    Would order Skyrim online, due to tight budgeting, but the wait I think would physically kill me.


    Skyrim Steam key from CDkeysdirect for $51.38AUD if anyone's interested.


    Assassin's Creed Brotherhood is $23 from ozgameshop at the minute as well.

    Where the hell do these editors get their pricing from?

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