Check Out SSX’s Extreme Acrobatics, Survival Snowboarding, And Snowblind Sonar

Check Out SSX’s Extreme Acrobatics, Survival Snowboarding, And Snowblind Sonar

Each time I see SSX, I’m a bit more impressed with the wide variety of challenges and map types that’ll be in the game. From the avalanche-chase I saw at E3 to this latest video above, which details three of the locations in the game–Patagonia, Antarctica, and New Zeland.

Creative Director Todd Batty walks us through each level, pointing out a number of interesting twists with each level. Patagonia has players ramping over giant gaps and through crashed aeroplanes (??), in Antarctica, players will have to stay in the sun to keep from freezing to death, and New Zeland features a whiteout challenge where payers use what looks like bat-like sonar to track the challenges ahead of them while showboarding in a whiteout snowstorm.

Considering that SSX will be more grounded in reality than, say, Tricky, it’s cool to see that each level will still have unique, heightened twists to keep things interesting. Lookin’ good, EA.


    • I’m not into snowboarding games much but I loved the third. I’d say rent it first and see if you like it.

      I’d prefer they have slick game mechanics then look pretty. It would be nice if they add in particles and stuff, but if they’ve moved the resource elsewhere because that’s where they need it, good on them.
      Sorry I’m fed up with people being so focused on graphics. Graphics aren’t innovative and they’re not as important as game mechanics or story.

  • This looks all kinds of awesome, but some of my favourite SSX tracks in the past have been the extremely crazy ones — like that pinball themed one in the original. I miss that. 😀

  • Hrmm.. a little bit underwhelmed to be perfectly honest. This is the first video I’ve managed to find the time to see and all I could think was.. “Is this a PS2 game.. or a PS3 game?” The graphics are nice but the one thing that really stands out to me as being lacking is the particle effects. Snow needs lots of particles.. when you carve up the mountainside, you want to see a lot of snow flying around.. when you see those puffs of snow dust as the rider launchs off the jump, the particles fade VERY quickly. I could understand that happening on PS2 or XBOX.. but not PS3 or XBOX360…

    Hope it ends up better is all..

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