Check Out The Variety Of The Tekken Hybrid Bundle

Check Out The Variety Of The Tekken Hybrid Bundle

I have always been a huge Tekken fan. Eyes bloodshot, fingers cramped and snacks demolished, the Tekken series was always a big part of my gaming nights. When I heard about Tekken Hybrid I was super excited. Well…excited about the HD remake of Tekken Tag. I can’t say I care much for the movie or the demo of Tekken Tag Tournament 2, though maybe if it had more characters it’d be more fun.

Check out the pieces of the bundle for yourself in the video above!


  • I’ve never understood people’s love of Tekken. It’s always struck me as one of the slowest, least responsive fighters out there. And the combos are ridiculous. As an absolute noob I could launch my character’s (King’s) fastest attack at the start of a round, and take my opponent down to 20% health from a bread and butter combo continuation.

    • People have an affection for it because when it first came out, there were only two 3D fighters, Tekken and Virtua Fighter, and the latter didn’t have textures.

    • I originally felt the same way you do, that it was slow and unresponsive. It depends on which incarnation you play, though.

      I remember Tekken 4 and Tekken Tag being quite slow and dull.

      I find Tekken 5 to be pure awesome. I couldn’t even begin to estimate the number of hours I’ve sunk into Dark Ressurection on my PSP.

      • Agree with Tekken 4, but Tekken Tag was basically Tekken 3 with teams. Not slow as far as I’m concerned.

        Tekken 1 & 2 were indeed kind of clumsy, but Tekken 3, 5 and 6 are just about right.

    • i don’t get it, compared to what?

      Virtua Fighter is slower
      Soul Calibur runs about the same speed
      Dead or Alive is faster -but I personally find it too fast.


    • Well it also feeds into game’s mechanics, ie tactical moves. I didn’t realise this for ages but each character has a series of moves that can link to the next move and so-on. It is kind of complex and relies on a bit of strategy. Of course like all beat-em-ups you can just spam attacks to win, but those are the breaks I guess.

  • I feel Tekken 3 was amazing. Maybe it was because my friend had it and it was slightly violent and my parents were really against it, so of course I HAD to play it as much as possible.

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