Chrono Cross Comes To PS3, PSP Today

Certain games constantly get name checked when people are assembling the highlights of video game creativity. Originally released during the last days of the PS1, Chrono Cross is one of those games and Square Enix has announced that, starting today, it'll be available on the PlayStation Network in the US. You'll be able to download Chrono Cross for play on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable.

Chrono Trigger, the game which Cross is a sequel of, came out on PSN last month. If the hopes and dreams of thousands of gamers are right, Square Enix might be using these digital re-releases to gauge interest in a long-pleaded-for Chrono sequel. But, even if that's not the case, you'll still get to experience one of the most beloved games of all time, either for the first time or as a fond reminiscence.


    Mark/Tracey, any word on if this is available in Aus?

    Chrono Cross > Every other JRPG.

      Um. No. Trigger was and still is by far the better of the two Chrono games.

    Finally! A game that skipped the AU market. Might create a US PSN account just for this. I still play Chrono Trigger to this day

    Presumably this wouldn't be released here because it wasn't ever classified and Squenix wouldn't spend the couple of thousand dollars to do so because they'd never make it back. :(

      Obviously you have not played Chrono Cross - you would not be saying this otherwise.

      Trust me, the cost of having it classified here would be a fraction of the profit Squenix would make from it.

        You're making the fallacious assumption that if a good game is released it will sell well. Sadly, not necessarily the case.

          I put my hands up - he's got me there. Timing and marketing factors always throw things out of order.

          Case in point, Xenosage Episode II. Besides not being PAL optimised, by the time they finally brought it to the PAL region, everyone with any smarts had already imported it.

            And add to the fact that when it did come out..

            Everybody else who didn't know about the series was completely and utterly confused due to the lack of Xenosaga 1 in PAL shores which means most of the plot was utterly confusing and by that point no one wanted to see III anymore.

              Not to mention that the bonus disk was a cut down version of the cut scenes in Xenosaga I - and poorly encoded at that!

              Truth be told, I originally got the PAL version of Xenosaga II - then came to my sense and imported the others.

    FUUU I got all excited then figured out it was a US article. Bugger! I would love this to come out here. Hell I'd buy a psp for it.

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