Chuck Norris Roundhouse Kicks World Of Warcraft In The Face

World of Warcraft may have been on a slightly downward turn in popularity as result of a stellar Christmas line-up, but Chuck Norris has totally come to fix that - by round house kicking people in the face in WOW's latest TV spot.

It's all part of World of Warcraft's seven year anniversary, which hits on November 23. It's incredible to think that so many people are still engrossed in this game seven years after release. Just for some perspective -- that was the same year Halo 2 and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was released. When was the last time you played those games?

As part of its birthday celebrations, Blizzard is granting a special in-game to every player who logs in between now and December 3...

World of Warcraft turns seven on November 23, 2011! It’s been a truly incredible seven years, and we’d like to thank you all for joining us for yet another fantastic year. To celebrate, players who log into the game between November 20 and December 3 will earn a feat of strength added to their Achievements and a “Celebration Package” item. Using your item will get the celebrations rolling by shooting off fireworks, applying a (visual only) tabard to your character, and granting a 7% bonus to experience and reputation gains while active.

They have also granted you the gift of Chuck Norris, which may be the greatest gift of all.


    Chuck Norris has been sadly lacking in The Barrens since Cataclysm.

      I know how you feel. But then I always drop a random Chuck Norris joke when crossing the Barrens and people still laugh. Ah the good old days, when there wasn't a giant chasm full of lava cutting the Barrens in half...

        People still laugh? If anyone tried dropping a barrens joke about Norris, everyone in the zone used to spam "Old" "Get your own jokes" etc. Chuck Norris was fun, back in the days when everyone was new, Barrens was one region, and was filled with people trying to figure shit out. Now, it's just old-timers trying desperately to keep the tradition alive.

    The video is awesome... But the in game stuff is worthless.

    That being said, I checked my account last night when i grabbed the achievement.... I have 4th anniversary, 5th anniversary, 6th anniversary & 7th anniversary.... Tis a sad life I had till recently. BACK TO SKYRIM!

      Useless to you perhaps. A couple of word will be enjoying the boosted exp and another will enjoy the boosted rep for the skyguard faction for their mounts

    I have to say this ad kinda makes sense, considering the game is reaching its 7th anniversary, and its been about 7 years since anyone thought Chuck Norris jokes were funny.

      I was about to point out that Chuck Norris jokes have only really been a thing for six years but yeah, you're right.

    He is looking ollldd these days.
    Still, could kick my ass up and down the street lol

      and a little cross eyed.

      I'd say for a 71 year old he's actually looking pretty young.

    Nice new character models for the older races. They still need some work but it's good to see Blizzard is serious about updating them.

    This may be an awesome ad, but I'm still not going back to WOW...

    That ad just reminded me of this:

    And it made me very happy :D

      Is that because he's starring in the Expendables movie sequel?

    If you look into Chucks eyes.. he looks like he has downsyndrome >.>
    Besides that what a shit add.

    To be fair mark people only stoped playing Halo 2 cause they closed the servers.

    Chuck looks old and tired, even reverted to CGI round-house kicks.

    Mark; I was actually playing San Andreas the other day :P Still an awesome game to play!

      Yep, I just bought it off Steam when it was on special (I also have the PS2 version) and plan to play through it again on PC! in the lead up to GTAV

    Chuck Norris is a douche bag....there I said it!

      Glad someone did, I was going to. He makes right wing nutjobs look sane and rational. He is not someone I am happy to see be a 'spokesman' for a game I love, especially one trying to shed some of it's bigotry and misogyny.

        Hes a religious nutter no denying it, BUT he does/did do a lot of youth/charity work.
        There is good and bad in everyone, I say let the old bloke get some advertising money.

    Funny they say there are 10 million people in the World of Warcraft. They used to say 12.5 million. It's no wonder they're bringing ads like this back with the difference in numbers being subscribers they have recently lost.

    Wow, too much Botox Chuck.

    Their problem is that Chuck Norris only allows 10 million people in WOW, no if they said he would allow 15 or 20 million, maybe their numbers would go up :p

    Chuck Norris looks awesome! Actually, I hate WOW game, but this commercial is just pure awesome. Love it!

    I alt+tabed out of san andreas to read this article :p

    Awesome! Chuck Norris is a great American. Glad to see he is still spry at 71. I
    Find his views positive.

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