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Man, I am so tired, I'm completely lumbering towards the end of the working week. With that said, I've got one final burst of energy left in me for Community Kudos!

This morning I came into the office with this completely bewildering list of noms from Puppylick. I think it's only right that I start off this week's CK with said email.

Hey Marky Mark! PuppyLicks here! Again!

To be honest it's been a mad busy week at work so I have not been as active on TAY as I would have liked, so I may not have much expert knowledge of who is truly deserving of noms this week. HOWEVER I decided to hand out some noms willy-nilly anyways. So I here I present: THE MOST IRRESPONSIBLE DISTRIBUTION OF KUDOS NOMS TO DATE!

CHULOOPA! You get a nom, you know why but we can't talk about it here. (nothing suss)

Dillinger and GingerChris (I'm not putting the numbers in your names, deal with it) both get noms because it looks like you're both having a hard time this week and deserve a manly man hug or a brofist or something, hang in the fellas.

Angered Catfish gets a nom because I like his name. That's all I got for that.

ShiggyNinty gets a nom because bacon.

And Sughly gets a vote because his game is going like hotcakes online, congrats man. Next make a game about hotcakes, then you will be UNSTOPPABLE!

I also want to nominate the Reply Button. Work harder damn you!

That's about it from me, I think the caffeine is wearing off and my boss is looking at me funny. YES BOSS THIS IS A WORK EMAIL, okay I think he's gone.

That was how my day began.

My week began, however, with a typically early set of nominations from Chuloopa, who typically appears to be most active on Mondays unlike the rest of the human race. He nommed everyone's favourite BFG Tadmod, for making this video! And yes, that's Tad doing the frickin' American accent!

It was a good week for awesome videos actually — DAN! made this really-quite-pro video of the Dance Meat that went down in Brisbane last weekend. A weekend of japes that looks as though it was quite hilarious. I totally need to head up to Brisbane at some point.

We'll hear more about DAN! later...

Steve-O The Deve-O had a totally legit nom for Harli, instead of stealthily berating her for her DOTA skills or something...

I posted in TAY about my dog Suzie the Catshit (cattle dog cross shitzu) who had an operation earlier this week to remove a tumor. Still waiting on results as to whether it's cancerous. Anyways yesterday I get a random text from Harli, inquiring about the well-being of my dog and wishing it all the best. It may seem like just a simple text, but I've only met Harli twice and talked to her on TAY/Teamspeak. For someone to show genuine interest/compassion about a relative stranger, let alone their dog, just made my day. I guess it was the text equivalent of the 'Free Hugs' phenomenon, even after I have been constantly griefing her about that DotA win :P

So from me and my Catshit, I just want to nom Harli for being a genuinely nice person.

I thought that was nice. Also — here is a pic of Catshit.

Sughly, who always delivers, delivered his first Kudos noms. I actually can't believe he hasn't nomm'd before! He gave Plainview a shout out for being Plainview (always justified) and nomm'd SHANE and The Cracks for being so awesomely supporting of his new game Egress, which will be featured in Kotaku soooooon.

And speaking of SHANE — he dropped a nom for Braaaaaaaains, which I always like, because even though he doesn't post in TAY often, he always drops some knowledge in regular news and feature stories throughout Kotaku. It's great having him around and I hope he sees this nomination!

NovaCascade dropped another nom I can completely appreciate — nominating the entire community for being so welcoming to him as a first time poster in TAY this week. It's great that we're not this stupid, elitist closed off community, I'm so glad it's easy for new folks to slot into TAY madness, even if it is completely impossible to keep up.

Oh, and I always almost forget the nominations I get from Twitter, but Notorious R nomm'd Welbot for gifting him Trials 2 on Steam! Phew! Almost missed that one...

Now it's time for a TAY intermission, and a drawing from Dr What!

Dr What has volunteered to work on this doodle over the weekend, and that pic will be the new Talk Amongst Yourselves image! I think it far better represents you all, so yeah. Breaking news folks!

Now to the winners, and they were pretty clear. We had numerous nominations, from multiple folks for both DAN! and Strange for the incredible amount of work and effort that went into making the Brisbane meet-up work out. Noms from Sughly, Dr What, Shiggy 'AWESOMO POWER' Ninty, Chuloopa and others all added up to make both DAN! and Strange easy winners of this week's Kudos.

I think this little recap by Strange will let you know how awesome DAN! is and, conversely, how awesome Strange is. Both deserve to win this week, so congratulations!!!

DAN! opened up his house to us for the MEAT, even taking his hosting duties so far as to pick ShiggyNinty, Anonymous Pessimist and Doc What? up from the airport. And then he did a wonderful job editing all of his and The Pessimist's drunken footage together into a video so everyone could see how much fun we had. And then he went on to be a hilarious marketing person for Adam Sandler's Jack and Jill in some of the funniest comments I've ever seen. So yes, it could only be DAN!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Chris Hastings is the creator of the image used for Community Kudos –- you can check out his site, Dr McNinja, here.


    Nailed it.

      I still can't believe I had a starring role in that vid, yet you never even saw my face! what a legend! ;) I'm so glad you didn't have well lit footage of me carrying that carton and sweating like a pig! LOL!!

      Yay for Strange too! w00t!!!! The only true female gamer we have on our side! Sure we enjoyed the company of the gorgeous Sally at this meat, and my bitch.. err I mean LittleJJ at the first Bris meat, but Strange has commitment to the cause!!! And for that, we love you!!!






      It's like RaygunBrown has infested CK!

      (lololol landing strip...)

        Infested landing strip????

    Congrats DAN! and Strange!

    Also, EGRESS.

    I hope I'm alone in this, but every week this column alienates me a little from Kotaku. I feel like there's this small friendly community there and I very much feel that I'm not a part of it.

      Start nomming people, maybe? Probably a good place to start.

      I definately notice you, man - you are certainly a part of the community and i'm sorry if you, or anyone feels alienated a little bit. It certainly isn't anyone's intentions.

      I guess you really gotta throw yourself into the deep end, if you catch my drift...

        Cheers! How do noms work, just an email to the inventor of the Serrels Stare?


          Pretty sure that's the one


      Dude, you have the best name and gravatar combo ever, never doubt yourself!

      I feel the same way too. I guess I have to work at it as well. I'll try and comment more on Kotaku Au I guess and if there is another meat in Sydney I'm in.

        Having met the Sydney Peeps i must say they are the most welcoming people you'll come across - if you join in with them you'll have an absolutely killer time :)

      I just want to add I've certainly noticed you around. And I laughed first time I saw your gravatar because I understood that your name wasn't just a name.

    i don't think i posted much in tay this week, been organising leavers/ having a life after 12 years of horrible school

    yay congrats :D

      Aww geez thanks for the nom, Shane! Not sure if it was really warranted, though - it was a fair trade!

    "I’m so glad it’s easy for new folks to slot into TAY madness, even if it is completely impossible to keep up" This is so true as a first time TAY poster myself. I've been posting on articles for a while now (I can't imagine my day without it) but had avoided TAY and Community Kudos.

    Congrats to DAN! and Strange.
    I want to reiterate my nom for the whole community. For a first time TAY poster, you guys and girls really did make me feel welcome. I guess you're not so scary after all. Hugs and virtual prizes for all

      For the record, I also mentioned you in the first part of my email, something about how if DAN! hadn't been the clear winner I would have nominated you for your love of Nier's soundtrack.

    It's ok Effs, the reply button can be hard to press sometimes.

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