Community Review: Assassin's Creed Revelations

Man, I am so behind. Until Skyrim came out, I was feeling pretty good about where I was with my pile of shame. I had finished Arkham City, finished Gears of War 3, finished Uncharted 3. Then Skyrim came along and totally messed me up. This means that I have clocked zero hours with Assassin's Creed Revelations. Again, I must rely on your expertise for this week's Community Review.

Critics have been pretty hard on Assassin's Creed Revelations, but I fully believed Ubisoft could pull off another top notch title in a year ala Brotherhood. From the reviews it looks as though the series may be suffering from a little bit of burnout, and possibly needs a year off in preparation for Assassin's Creed 3.

That said, it's difficult for me to make a proper judgement considering I haven't played the game yet. Like I said, I'm totally looking to hear what you guys thought?

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    A game came out after Skyrim?

    Haven't finished it yet, bout 1/2 way through, but I am having more fun with it than Uncharted 3.

    Yes its gameplay is very similar to Brotherhood, and some of the new elements like bombs kind of miss the mark (I only used like 3 bombs so far), but i think the story is fantastic. Also I feel that Constantinople is a bit more vibrant than Rome.

    I reckon its worth a play. Especially if you are like me having so little free gaming time that it would take you 10 years to finish Skyrim.

    Also, make sure you try and collect 30 fragments found in Constantinople as early as possible (they are like the templar flags). Unlocks some Desmond content and a bitchin' set of armor.

    Sorry to slightly hijack this, but I have never played an AC game. Where should I start folks?

      AC2 onwards. AC1 was an awesome world with 3 mini games.

      AC:B was an incremental upgrade to AC2 and I assume this is the same, hence the okay-good reviews.

        And if you're worried about missing out on the story, there's a nice recap at the beginning of AC2 that sums up the important bits.

        Plus, if you like the series enough and feel like going back, AC1 will always be there for you, but be aware that its structure is very very different from those that came after it.

      It's hard to say. It's been satisfying picking them up each year in order but then each year is better than the last interns of features. If you can, start at 1. But if you are too busy or crowded by releases pick up revelations and If you like it pick up the rest.

      Thanks guys!

      I had a feeling it was something like that. I've got AC1 on my Steam account somehow (think it was in a Ubisoft pack which I got for Far Cry 2). This seems like a console game to me though so I might keep an eye out for an xbox copy of AC2 for cheap and slowly catch up.

        If you have a PS3, you get a copy of AC1 with revelations anyway. Start at 2, and work through brotherhood, then play 1 and revelations (so you know all about Altair, the main character from the first one.)

      Pick them up on PS3, buy ACII, AC:B and AC:R (AC is included with AC:R)

      I would actually start Assassin's Creed and play til the end of the first Assassination. That way, you get to the all the opening scenes and a general idea of the story and gameplay.

      Once you've done that, fast forward and read the remainder of the story online or watch via youtube.

      One of the reasons why it's good to play AC, when you move to ACII, you get a better understanding of how much of an improvement the game is.

      At no point should you start with AC:B or AC:R, as you are missing out on the main core story.

      Start from assassins creed 2 onwards. Also if you buy Ac: revelations on the ps3 you get assassins creed 1 for free.

      ACII GOTY is only $23 at EB right now as well, I picked it up the other day with some old trade credit that needed to be used us.

        Oh, that was on 360 though.

          Sweet. Also saw it on Ozgameshop for similar price.

          Just realised you said "EB" not "EBay". Might buy it there tomorrow for the Veruca Salt factor.

    It's good except for the tedious and frustrating tower defence mini-games.

    Absolutely no interest in this, was done with AC for a while after Brotherhood.

    Already written up a reader review and sent it in on the weekend!

    Its definitely worth playing if you're a fan of the series, but there were some serious disappointing sections of the game. Personally, I had a lot of issues with the supposed 'revelations' of the game, but it seems a lot of people enjoyed them, so maybe I'm the problem.

    I enjoyed Ezio's story for the most part and felt it was the strongest narrative in the game, compared to Desmond or Altair's. Some very nice character moments hidden in there, too.

    I'm still playing it now because I want to like it more than I do, and Constantinople is a great place to wander across. I hate to say I was disappointed, but I was.

      What are the revelations?
      I was a big fan played all others cept this one, is there a nice youtube video montage of the important parts of this game anywhere?

        Bah who cares about them

        Is Veronica mars still alive? XD

        Take a look at this article for some of the ending details (big spoiler warning for everyone, really). Its mostly about the Desmond stuff, but I'm sure you can find somewhere with videos of Altair and Ezio's important bits.

    Fun game, definitely, but it needs an overhaul.

    There wasn't as much singleplayer content as Brotherhood or AC2, and doing pretty much the exact same things in Constantinople that we did in Rome (buying shops, recruiting assassins, sending them on missions) felt a little stale.

    I also thought some of the action scenes (the start and the end) felt out of place and gimmicky.

    Enjoyed it, but I'd want them to wait a bit and spend some time polishing the campaign of any new game in the series.

      That chariot combat was the most frustrating start to a game, ever.

        I second that.... took me 15 attempts before I figured out what to do.

    Pretty much more of the same, I only picked this up for the story, which I really enjoyed. Altair's story was particularly awesome, and I think Ezio's story came to a really nice end. Got me pumped for AC3 as well.
    The hookblade did make climbing really enjoyable though, and Constantinople was really well made, it's a fun place to explore. Much better than Rome IMO. But yeah, I think AC3 will need to be a significant change from the formula, it's starting to feel a little bit tired IMO.

    I sank my weekend into this and I'm enjoying it but Creed fatigue is becoming a real issue for me. I don't think I can handle another incremental release. The next game better be AC3.

    Assassin's Creed (original) in hindsight, might not have been a terribly complex game, but these yearly releases (sans perhaps Assassin's Creed II) are really making me tired. Gameplay wise, you'll end up soaking so many hours into it, putting up with the repetitive play-style, waiting for something exciting to happen. It might just be me, but that rarely happens. I really miss the simplicity of the first game, when it was fresh and new.

    I'm loving it.
    Haven't progressed very far, story wise, since I've busied myself with running around doing random things, challenges, trophies, collectibles, etc.
    Revelations is like Brotherhood+, and I thought Brotherhood was great. Sure, a lot of it is a bit samey, but I rarely find myself getting bored. If I do get bored I just play a couple of story missions and then go back to the side stuff. Rinse and repeat.
    I actually started enjoying the Den Defence mini game, though the formula for beating it consistently is pretty limited. It could have done with some polish.

    I think "Animus Island" is a bit tacky...

      I actually thought Animus Island was done pretty well. From screenshots I thought it'd be pretty tacky as you say but I thought they explained it well, being the original environment simulation test and all that.

        It's done well, but I still find it a bit tacky. It's a bit Mario 64.
        Maybe if there was a bit more to do, like things to climb and whatnot... I dunno...

    IMO Revelations is over all the best in the series. Its writing and voice acting are top of the class, it has more memorable set peice moments then previous titles and its "hidden tombs" are the best the series has ever seen by a long shot. Also combat has become a challenge due to a greater variety in guard types and several of them being immune to one hit kills. (except stealth assassinations)

    However its main quest falls short maybe 8 hours tops if you did nothing else, and there is a destinct lack of side quests aside from gathering and building the brotherhood. Altough the best side quests are the ones unlocked from leveling up your Assassins to the master level. The hookblade is a subtle yet effective tool once you get the hang of it and the ziplines help to keep navigation flowing.

    The multiplayer is an improvement over last years but if you didnt like it then this proabably wont change your mind.

    Was there a secret story line, like from AC2 with the adam and eve story, that was cool?

      Not really, which was quite disappointing.

      'Those Who Came Before' were mentioned briefly in the main story (particularly the ending) but there were no secret glyphs to find, no hidden videos to discover and no puzzles to solve based on historical conspiracies.

      Which was bad, 'cause I loved those in AC2 and Brotherhood.

    Well I finished the game and with the ending of Revelations they should have just called this Assassins creed 3 and ended the series.

    The gameplay is basically AC:Brotherhood++

    There are a few improvements, and a few additions, but the gameplay is largely unchanged. that said, I never found the gameplay from ac2 onwards to be bad at all anyway. It gets repetitive and tacky if you just play the game like a hack and slash, but going for 100% sync and avoiding conflict feels a lot less repetitive.

    The story is to the quality you would expect from an AC game (So far i think its better than brotherhood), but if you didn't like brotherhood because of how it played, you won't like revelations..

    My review is basically: if you liked ac2 or brotherhood you will like this. They have done very little to add onto the games basic gameplay but have just done more of what I enjoyed in the past two games.

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