Compare GTA V With San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was my favourite of the series, by far, and that's no slight to Vice City, which I treasure. Still, there was something about C.J.'s adventures that made me feel like I'd lived the greatest summer ever.

So it is with a lot of personal affection for the game that I recommend watching this impressive side-by-side staging of the Grand Theft Auto V trailer with a virtuoso representation of its shots in San Andreas. This was created by YouTube user CreativityZone. Seen in this way, it really does feel like Rockstar is making its next game true to its roots.

I got nowhere near completing IV. I 100 percented San Andreas. I don't know if I will do the same in Grand Theft Auto V, but I will take a long, long look around when I am there.

[Thanks Roy.]


    I never played any GTA before IV, and because I didn't expect that much (It was probably my first sandbox game), found it amazing. Maybe that's the key to enjoying games; go in without expectations (and if you're still dissatisfied, maybe it's just a bad game).

      Same here. Never played gta before gta IV and found that to be one of the best open world games I've ever played, closely behind oblivion.

    my problem with GTA iv was that I felt like I'd played it all before. the world was massive and detailed, but once we got to play the game, nothing had changed. drive here, drive there. Oh, there's fun on the radio. now drive hear again.

    as amazing the world was, there wasn't much to do. I guess just like real life.

    I was really disappointed with iV, because honestly it felt like massive backwards step from San Andreas. Sure it was a pretty looking game, but for me, that was about it. San Andreas on the other hand had so much to do, so much to see that I still find myself wanting to play it now.

      Same, was very disappointed at the huge reduction in activities and such. I loved the gangland wars and the capturing of territory. Also San Andrea's had beautiful graphics. They were really open to being upscaled by a good television. I played my PS2 GTA SA via a 50inch Pioneer a few years ago and the graphics were just incredible. The music in San Andrea was also great.

      The video above doesn't do SA justice. The game looked great for its time (and beyond).

    HAHA that was awesome love the retard ai in the San andrease clips so funny like guy driving all over street

    Videos still aren't embedded in the iPhone website.
    The old layout worked :)

    Kotaku fix your goddam mobile site. Videos aren't being displayed properly.

      Are you using an Iphone? cos it might be flash heavy and therefore ='( 4U

        No its the same on my android phone which plays flash content fine!

    That was hilarious!

    Anyway, I liked the level of customisation in San Andreas, which is a plus. One thing I've never really liked about GTA is the story - it's drive here, drive there, maybe kill someone stuff. I don't think that'll be fixed here, but if they're going back to SA's customisation and exploration, that's a plus for me.

    I have a copy of gta San Andreas, but have no ps2 to play it with. It is torture

      Pick up SA on PC. Much prettier then the console version and you should be able to find it cheap.

        You can pick it up for 15 bucks on Steam.

        Or you can get GTA 1 to San Andreas for 30 bucks on Steam in the Classic Pack!

        Either is totally worth it!

        It occasionally pops up in a Steam sale for a few dollars, that's where I got mine. So much prettier in higher resolution, and the game still holds up today.

        How does the PC version control? After playing IV I find it hard to play San Andreas - the PS2 controls feel sloppy compared to the controls on a 360. Don't even get me started on Vice City!

          it controls a bit more like a third person shooter in a way, all of the weapons can be manually aimed, and walking is much easier, since you can strafe and such....

      Psst... Download PCSX2. :D

    GTA IV graphics were amazing but they forgot to make the game entertaining. Thats why I prefer Saints Row 2, The graphics weren't amazing but good enough for me.

    In Saints Row 2 you could do numerous amounts of different side missions that were fun & you also could buy Shop & Houses that you could upgrade. Plus I loved customizing the Cars & my gang, I loved having alot of control over the way you can play the game & customizing it to what you want, even buying songs for your radio was fun.

    I just hope GTA V will be something like Saints Row & San Andreas & not as boring as GTA IV. It gets really boring driving to one place on the other side of the map then having to drive all the way back. Then do the same thing all over again in the next mission. I didn't care with San Andreas as it ways cool, I loved Flying around to different Airports in my Planes.

    I don't understand how people can say they didnt like GTA IV or never finished it... I didnt play till 100%, but I did finish the story missions and the DLC's and found it to be awesome! Although I enjoyed the jetpacks and all from San Andreas, I'd rather have a realistic GTA game like GTA IV...

      Whilst the story was good, there were a few frustrating design decisions that made the game unfinishable for me. The relationship building was just boring, and the benefits of the optional stuff so great (you can choose between fast travel or ignoring the cousin for instance), I just got really over it.

    this video is awesome, makes me enjoy the trailer much more

    obligatory completion status: played GTA3,VC,SA,IV all to completion, i cant wait!

    I don't get why people found GTA IV boring & what not. I actually found it rather fun. So much so I have sunk 163 hours in to it.

    really not to interested in this new GTA title there is hardly anything new the missions were pretty much just filler the world static and boring in GTAIV.
    there is no depth.

    I had to have a quiet chuckle when I saw the Forklift as the SA version of the convertible from the GTA V Trailer.

    Played through and completed every 3D GTA game, super excited for GTA V, should bring back all the things that San Andreas did so well and make them SO PRETTY!!


    That was a truly excellent montage comparison. I'm suddenly super keen to replay GTASA...

      Second this comment. Truly excellent, indeed.

    Pulled GTA IV back out of the box this weekend. Doing the bank robbery mission. Giving me issues. Might give SA a whirl, too!

    I have tried to play GTA 4 numerous times and can only get a few hours in and just can't stand it. The cars drive like they are on ice, no power and horrible control, the combat is frustrating and annoying, mainly due to the stupid camera and half assed targeting and the characters and story didn't do anything for me, just sort of seemed like a random bunch of weirdos.

    SA felt like it was trying to do different things all at once but none of it connected, started off as boyz in the hood and then just went all over the place. Lots of mini games (gambling/pool/darts etc) but they were all TERRIBLE so there was no effort put into them other than to put them in just to say "hey we got pool!"

    GTA VC was my favourite it had great characters, with solid motivation great sense of a unique world with a theme running through it all (albeit that it was pretty much 'scarface' but hey i love that movie) that connected all elements of the game. V rock kicked ass too, Lazlo was awesome "some people say I have a face for radio? whats that about?"

    need some nostalgia-bomb time; means i'm gonna have to go back to my old place and dig out my GTA triple-pack for the xbox (yes, i also have them on PS2, but GTA:SA just didn't click for me on it's original console against the xbox)

    GTA SA is by far my favourite. But the funny thing is, it's suddenly cool to gush over it again. I remember at the time, SA was everyone's whipping boy. 'SA sucks! Vice City is much better' used to be the popular opinion.

    My favourite activity in SA. Cheat code, harrier jet drops out of the sky, go anywhere you f***ing want and parachute in there baby. That feeling of freedom was what I missed the most in GTA IV

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