Constantinople Looks Stunning In Assassin's Creed Revelations

Whether it be Florence or Jerusalem, Vence or Tyre, Assassin's Creed has done a remarkable job of bringing cities to life. Constantinople is the lastest city to get the AC treatment.

This teaser trailer for the upcoming Assassin's Creed: Revelations shows life in Constantinople. It dazzles, just like the city it portrays.


    Legendary Mentor Ezio Auditore

    I am looking forward to this game.

    However I do not like their take on the history and with the Ottoman Empire as being the good guys :P
    Plus I am guessing since some of the gear on the bad dudes looks like a re-imagined take on Varangian armour and weapons... I'm cheering for the bad dudes!

      Though I don't mind them taking the Ottomans are being good, I was somewhat surprised. It's always seemed that it's always that the Templars/baddies are in power.

      So it seemed odd that the rulers of Constantinople aren't Templars.

      But hey, it's a difference, and one I'm interested in seeing how it'll play out in the game.

    They've taken a lot of liberties by inventing a Byzantine rebellion.... but I like it. At the very least it's a good historical setting.

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