Culmination Is A Flash Game I Can Get Behind

Culmination is a smooth side-scrolling action game with an ambiance that is both eerie and calming. The controls feel solid (with only minor hiccups during combat) and I find myself zoning out while I play. Maybe I'm not a Flash game aficionado, but I am loving how polished this game feels.

Culmination [Kongregate]


    I may be wrong but is this game on the WinnitronAU as well?

      Correct, there is an exclusive 2 player version of this game on the Winnitron AU. The PC release is single player only as far as I am aware.

    Awesome game :D

    I hate people like this.
    I'm just a lowly artist and I can't program.

    In other words, it's a great flash game. Nice atmosphere. I really love the monochrome look.

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