DC Universe Adds 120,000 Players After First Free-to-Play Day

Shifting to a free-to-play model yesterday, DC Universe Online opened the gates to the freeloading hordes. More than 120,000 signed up for the MMO said John Smedley, the president of Sony Online Entertainment. That figure's for the PC, though. No word yet on PS3 enrollments.

Smedley also touted figures for number of users logged in, up more than 400 per cent over the previous month. Sounds great, until you realise the influx of free players have caused stability issues and long login queues.

Under the new freemium model, free players get two character slots and all standard game content; tiered pricing delivers additional character slots and expansions, plus a larger item inventory.


    How many of them are unique users though? :P

      As with all things on the internet, there are only two unique users.

      You and the person you're talking to/interacting with.

    No word on the PS3 version because everyone is still downloading from whatever horrible servers they use. One and a half days and I'm at 40%.

      geeze! Can I ask what the download size is? Would like to know how much space I might need to clear.

        It's about 15gb.

    I was contemplating for PS3 but no trophy support unless you pay subscription fees

    i started the dl at about 12am last night and its 35% done as of now... ouch. And its not like you can download in the background either - you need an approx 125mb installer off psn store- which updates another 125mb after you install it, and then BAM! 15gb suckers! Prepare to download for a long time with no ps3 for a while. Many ppl say it's totally worth it though - I hope they're right.

    I got mine up and running on the PS3 this morning (after downloading for ages), and got about 15 mins of gameplay in before work. It went well - logged me into an EU server though.

    I''ve still got 12 gigs of downloading to go :(

    What's the best platform to get it for, PS3 or PC?
    At 15GB+ I don't plan on downloading it twice. However if you create an account on PC can you use it on the PS3 as well? Never played an MMO before so keen to try it.

      Pretty sure ps3/pc are separate. I would wage that pc would be a lot quicker to download, mine's still going :/

    I got to about 9% of the download and then got told you need to pay for trophies and cancelled that shit straight away

      Wait... you stopped wanting the game because trophies were extra? Do they really matter that much?

        I didn't think Trophies were special enough to not play a free game if they weren't included.........

        To the kiddies that waste their lives playing games... Yes. It is all they got to show for it!!

    I wonder if this game is going to get re-reviewed now it's gone free to play. I've had a bit of a play with it this evening and it seems pretty cool, but I'm not sure if it's been improved since launch (I'd suspect so) or if some of the complaints raised at the start of the year are still valid.

    My Download took about 4 hours and I have a 10mbs d/l speed. Your ISP must suck. Get off that DSL.... ya laggin muh game!!

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