Detective 'Troll' Phelps Writes A Classic JB Hifi Review Of Modern Warfare 3

JB Hifi already has the greatest ever review of Duke Nukem Forever under its belts, but now some rogue staffer, calling herself Detective 'Troll' Phelps, has written another smart arse JB Hifi review -- this time the victim is Modern Warfare 3.

Ah JB you've done it again!

Thanks Jasmin!

EDIT: Turns out that Troll Phelps is actually a girl -- sorry for assuming it was a guy! I stand corrected!


    'Restore peace to the Rapture'
    Love it.

    Is it the same JB HiFi that keeps putting these types of things out? My local JB never has any fun. :P

    I think the most ficticious part is where he actually gave it five stars.

      You just got trolled by Detective Troll Phelps.

        Hm? No I didn't, I know the entire thing is a joke xD that was actually my piss-poor attempt at getting "THAT GAME EARNED THAT FIVE-STAR REVIEW" responses.

          Wow, awareness = 0.

      Thats the idea! Give a game a perfect score then you can say whatever you want about any game.

        *smiley face*

        I like this idea.
        I wonder who'll be the first reviewer to absolutely pan a game in the review, then slap a 9.5 on it, thereby assuaging their journalistic integrity and satisfying the publishers need for a 3 point scale (9 through to 10 out of 10 inclusive).

      It's funny i think that's the most genius part of it.

      this way it's less likely to get noticed and taken down because some butt hurt cod fan starts raging in JB that it didn't get a perfect score

    Man that is just so awesome!
    JB - Your staff is awesome! lol

      It's great, but THIS is the best JB ad I have ever seen :D

        goddamn, I find it hilarious how I walk through my local JB Hifi and everywhere I look I see trollface signs

    why do you assume Detective 'Troll' Phelps is male...?

      I can 100% confirm that this Detective 'Troll' Phelps is not a male.

      Also, patriarchy.

      Because women aren't funny der. A sense of humour has long ago evolved out of the fairer sex, replaced with a deep, manipulative cruelty and a love for shoes.

        +1 .... and hahahahahaha

        hahahaha well I wrote this, I am the Detective 'Troll' Phelps.

        +9001, well said

    man if only they were funny around here, they mostly have unreadable hand writing because the employee couldn't be bothered taking it off the stand before writing.

    I'm surprised it didn't say "You played this in 2009. Move along"

    JB workers are idiots.

      Is that meant as idiots in a loveable way?

      If not, lighten up.

        My local JB staff are idiots. They have stuffed up 3 pre-orders of games for me. Further my girlfriend is still waiting for the new 'death in vegas' album. She had gone in their 3 times and asked for it. 3 times she was told that they are waiting on it and would contact her. I bought it off their shelf two weeks ago. They still haven't called. I no longer pre-order from that store. Yes I am aware of the Internet, import sites etc I collect and JB DOES have exclusives that I want.

          Oh, well that's fair enough. I thought he meant these JB workers are idiots cause they have a sense of humour.

            But did you go and see Death In Vegas last night at Harvest festival? They were excellent. 2nd CD I ever bought was "Dirt", back in 1996...

              Yes. Was there at parra park. Awesome awesome festival!!! Death In Vegas were brilliant. Feel sorry for Melbourne concert goers who seemingly got the short end of the stick!!! Portishead and the family stone were the other highlights

          cheapest place to buy CD's bar none! (at retail)

          Yeah, I'm not pre-ordering from JB either. Once I pre-ordered a game for the exclusive bonus, they said I was getting it. What they didn't tell me was that it was a "first come first served" kinda thing and I missed my bonus because I didn't walk in during the morning.

        Every JB store I've been in is staffed by people who have no clue about anything that they sell there. Granted, I have had a few staff members who do know their stuff. But that is only on a blue moon.

          That's because JB is a retail store, so they hire people who can work retail, not people who know a lot about what they're selling.

            That wasn't always the case - they used to have really good staff, but expanded too fast to maintain the same level of worker knowledge. It's pretty concerning - Starbucks did the same thing, and they've been in freefall ever since.

    What's sad is that sounds like a much better game to play, regardless of copyright infringement.

      it's evident that this employee knows nothing about games...

        You clearly don't have a clue. You don't deserve to troll here.

        As to all the JB hate. It's retail get over it. Don't like it? Shop somewhere else them.

          i wish there was a font for sarcasm

          sorry i bothered you, i'll go back to youtubeing cats

    JB Hifi knows how to write a review where ppl will read it. lol

    Does anyone know how COD is supporting Movember? I too got a sticker.

    Do you think Troll Phelps's boss is in on it?

    Cause, it's pretty damn funny.

    My buddy snapped this at JB Southland on launch day:

      Uninformed and unprofessional. Someone needs their Sharpie confiscated.

    I guess im lucky that the guy working in the games section at my local jb is an old high school friend lol

    That is gold. All the more reason to shop at JB

    Jasmin you rule lol! I need to check it out next time I'm working!

    The staff at the two nearest JB stores seem to be weirded out by people who look or buy video games. Makes me feel a bit awkward in the end so I tend not to bother that much. That, and Ozgameshop and all.

    I used to do this to the music and DVD sections when I worked at JB. We would also rotate CSI:Miami memes and Tommy Wiseau reviews pretty much every week. Seriously one of the best parts of the job.

      Yeah I used to work DVDs and games at a JB, and writing sarcastic and completely ridiculous reviews after some r-tard put me into a bad mood was the highlight of my day.

    which jb store has the guy working there with gauges in his ear? Thats right all of them

    if ID had used this story, RAGE would've been a much better game

    One of the guys I used to work with at JB put this up one day after someone busted our Guitar Hero demo unit for the whateverth time:

      +1 golden

    The two JBs nearest me don't have stuff like that but they seem pretty cool anyway. One of them has a dude who looks a whole lot like Drew from Toothpaste For Dinner - so that's kinda awesome.

    the Jb hifi at Myaree (WA) the games manager there looks like Gordan Freeman, nice guy too

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