Deus Ex's Adam Jensen Faces The Toughest Choice Of All

Anyone who has played Deus Ex: Human Revolution and looked in the kitchen of star Adam Jensen would know that the man has a... taste for breakfast cereal.

So it stands to reason that, with the events of the game all neatly tied up, Jensen's toughest decisions come not at the barrel of a gun, but in the cereal aisle of the local supermarket.

If the cartoon styling on both Jensen and sidekick Malik looks familiar, that's because it's the work of doubleleaf, who we've featured on Kotaku previously.

decisions [DeviantArt — Thanks nimzy!]


    He never asked for this.

    Well played, sir!

    After 20 solid years of eating nothing but Crunchy Pirate cereal, Adam Jensen is diagnosed with diabetes. Reports say he responded dryly with "I never asked for this."

    That art style reminds me so much of Ghost in the Shell. Is nice

      Not really surprising, considering how much inspiration DX:HR drew from GitS. Having it drawn anime-style helps highlight it even more.

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