Did Prince Harry Attend Minecraft's DeadMau5 Vegas Rager?

Britain's Prince Harry may have found himself at Saturday night's raging MineCraft party, the wrap-up blow-out featuring Deadmau5 playing at Wynn Hotel's XS night club.

The Las Vegas Sun's Robin Leach reports that Harry and his entourage were spotted rolling out of the XS at 4 a.m. Sunday morning. MineCon wrapped up Saturday night with a concert by DeadMau5 at the legendary Vegas hot spot.

Maybe Prince Harry missed out on the party, arriving too late to check out the DJ and his enthusiastic gamer audience. Or maybe he showed up to check out the DJ or maybe, just maybe, Harry loves Minecraft. Why not?

Currently Prince Harry is in the midst of 10 weeks of Apache helicopter training in both California and Arizona. He was on leave over the weekend.

US Weekly Magazine hit up Markus "Notch" Persson, over the weekend to see if the man behind Minecraft spotted the royal at this party. Notch, true to form, replied with fabulous creativity:

Photo: xslasvegas


    I lol'd hard. Notch is actually funny.

    Hahah love it, gamer pwns the media ftw

    Sad thing is, that they would probably take that a the truth and run with it.

    My cousin has just come back from observing those excersizes for the Australian Army.

    He reckons Harry is one of the nicest and funniest bloke in the group... and apparently his men really like him too.

    Notch is hilarious. I hope Harry was there!

    That said, Notch has been acting a bit like a douche in terms of his confrontations with Yogscast and Bethesda. The public ain't the place for these spars.

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