DMC Concept Art Features Scary Crossbow Baby

DMC: Devil May Cry is shaping up to look pretty darn good, but our soft spots are still reserved for these hauntingly beautiful pieces of concept art. Among them? A cross-bow baby with wings.



    Bayonetta still looked better.

      Unfortunately though that's all Bayonetta had going for it.

        The gameplay was also great. Bayonetta is going to be much better than DMC. I want to ignore that DMC even exists.

          The gameplay was great if you're after a game where you don't have to try. It was stupidly easy.

            Agreed. Really disliked bayonetta after a couple of levels

              I assume you guys had no problem taking down Father Rodin, finishing Lost Chapter and completing the game on NSIC difficulty then?

                Yeah I'm totally gonna play through the game AGAIN just in hope that it might actually be challenging this time around.

                Sorry but if a game can't offer a challenge straight up then why should I play it several times just so I can finally be challenged?

                  If a challenge is all you ever wish for from a game, then I truly do pity you, and picking a game that was built to be a more accessible take on Devil May Cry-style gameplay probably wasn't the best decision.

                  And honestly, if you've taken the time to finish the game (which your post indicates) and were as good at it as you seem to be indicating, you should have access to two of those three options I mentioned already. Just because you refuse to play the challenging options in the game, doesn't mean they don't exist.

                Having to endure that story and characters again would be too painful

                  I'll certainly give you that certain aspects (okay, pretty much every aspect) were pretty campy and over the top. I, however, liked the fact that the game didn't take itself seriously whatsoever, and really dug all the references, both subtle and blatant, to past Sega and Capcom titles. Different strokes and all that.

    Creepy. Babies are creepy enough without crossbows in their chubby little hands!

    When i grow up. I want to have a flying-crossbow-baby of my very own

    Am I the only one that's noticed that they're more robots then demons? It's getting further away from the DMC franchise... Okay I just hate the new character that much. i have said it before and I will say it again. D: I have played 4 games as the cheeky white haired character and now they're giving me a moody teenager who thinks smoking is cool. I really hate the character.
    The game I will wait and see.

      You're not alone, I've just given up on it. I would be fine with the game if it wasn't trying to pass itself off as Devil May Cry. You could change the name of the main character and release it as a new title unrelated to DMC, and not only would it at least sell okay, but Capcom wouldn't alienate their hardcore DMC fans at the same time.

      Hell, have it be a spin-off title set in an alternate universe (kind of a similar idea of Marvel having the Ultimate imprint that reimagines their characters in an alternate universe that doesn't interfere with their main canon). That way you don't f*ck up the canon or completely change the main Dante and storyline, but can still do something different without pissing off the die-hard fans.

    Might i point out that the game HASN'T COME OUT YET. I love it when people completely write off a game before they've even played it.

    It's supposed to be an origin story, I don't know about you but I don't know that many people that have popped out of the womb fully grown, and by that i mean Dante hasn't always been the way he is in the games that are set later. Maybe there was a huge cataclysmic event that MADE him the way he is? Who knows. I'm willing to give the game the benefit of the doubt until I PLAY IT when it ,y'know, gets released.

    And for the record i seem to remember some of the enemies from the first DMC as being marionettes, which are pretty similar to robots.

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