Does Skyrim Sound Better IN JAPANESE?

Some things sound better in Japanese. Take the Disney ride Star Tours. It sounds better in Japanese. The Pirates of the Caribbean ride, however, does not. What about Skyrim?

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is getting released in Japan, where the game is receiving rave reviews. This is the game's Japanese language trailer.

スカイリムの世界 日本語吹き替え [YouTube]

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    In Japanese you'll miss out on all the guards doing their Arnie impersonations though.

    AWWWWWW KAWAII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I bet it would sound better in Nordic.

    lol, Dark Souls, a japanese game, doesn't even have Japanese voice translation. Their version has all english audio. Make's you wonder if it really bothers them if the voices are in Japanese or not.

      Not entirely related, but I asked a Japanese mate of mine about what most Japanese people do when watching western movies, tv shows etc- they all go with the Japanese dub. I explained the whole anime fan "sub titles vs english dub" debate and he thought it pretty hilarious.

      I'll also note that we had this discussion while playing Call of Duty: World At War co-op (he wanted to play it since they didn't release it in Japan). "Banzai!!!" is now an in-joke between us...

        Funny, I asked a Japanese exchange student this, and I was told most American movies are shown subbed in Japan, and the Japanese dubbed versions are awful :P

          From what I've heard, the Japanese voiceover business is HUGE
          They take that shit very seriously

            it is. I saw CSI: miami dybbed in jap over there. Pretty good voice actors.

            Also i hope skyrim does well over there. Their gaming culture is really falling behind and hurting because of it.

    Does the game sound better in it does not it just doesnt fit the game just like the english versions of dynasty warriors should not be played in english

      Isn't Dynsaty Warriors based on and set in China? So technically they shouldn't speak Japanese either :P

        Pretty sure they ran out of Three Kingdoms material many, many instalments ago and now it's pretty much "anything Asian"

    FO RO DAH,

      In asian..? is that like having the languages of China, Japan, Malaysia, India, Philippines, Taiwan, etc. all rolled up in to one neat mega-language?

    Does it sound better? No. Does it sound worse? Nope. As someone who understands a good chunk of the language, I find that most Japanese dubs when it comes to video games sound just as good and in character as their English counterparts. This has a lot to do with how the voice actors/actresses in Japan works and differs from western countries. VAs in Japan go through a lot training, and can inflect the appropriate emotions, tones, depth, when voicing a character. This contrasts greatly when it goes the other way, especially in the anime department as many of us know where often characters (especially female roles) just sound "wrong".

    Does it sound better in Japanese?
    If you're a weaboo, yes.

      Japanese Dub = replace all the female voice-overs with high-pitched gasps.

    what im more concerned about is what types of japanese mods will start cropping up

    Urgh, I really gotta stop reading Youtube comments. One of the first I saw was, "Voice acting is a career in Japan!". You haven't done your research if you think this. Just look up Tara Strong as an example.
    If you researched a bit more you would also know that in Japan they regularly hire new voice actors because once a voice actor becomes even more talented and will start asking for more money they kick them out and hire new-blood.

      I think what people mean when they say that is voice acting is seen as a LEGITIMATE career in Japan. We still have this stigma in the West that voice acting is something you do if you can't get a job as a "real" actor. Granted, this is slowly changing, with people like Billy West making voice acting their career, but it's not quite to the level where it is in Japan where there's lots of people who only do voice acting and they're seen as celebrities.

    Trick question. Everything sounds better in japanese :) Will def be getting the japanese language files when I can.
    Also while the english voice acting in Skyrim is a ton better than Oblivion. Its still pretty shit when compared to The Old Republic..

    Disappointing, There wasn't even one Fus Ro Dah in it.

    I really want to hear the voice acting on the dragon shouts.

    In terms of anime this only applies if you haven't watched anime since the 90s.
    And there are more factors that have to do with the environment of the recording than the actors themselves. I mean look at Macross Plus, it had fucking Bryan Cranston in it and yet it certainly wasn't on par with Breaking Bad or anything. Just because you can pull an unprovable claim that "you speak Japanese" doesn't mean you are close to understanding the whole picture.

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