Does This Actor's Voice Confirm He's The Star Of Grand Theft Auto V?

There's a theory, spun by Grand Theft Auto super-fans, that an actor named Ned Luke is the man behind the gravelly voice we heard in the debut trailer for Grand Theft Auto V.

He's the guy, they say.

Well, let's listen. The video here is a mix of that GTA trailer and Luke's demo reel. What do you hear?


    There's a GTA V page on IMDB which shows him as playing a character, Albert De Silva. Also says Young Maylay is returning as CJ, can only hope this is true!

      IMDB is user submitted, so some fanboy may have just put that up there.

    could just be the GTA V has better bass, but the guys voice doesn't quiet sound the same to me.

    havent we already had this article...?

    Just because someone voices a debut trailer, Doesn't mean they are going to star in the game.

    Same voice. When he says "On the line here" in the demo reel, then "Bought a big house, came here..." Just different EQ.

    This was posted at 13:30 on Monday... It's been all over the internet for ages. I thought you guys hired a weekend editor?

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