Dota 2's Art Is Like Magic Candy For The Eyes

While the game's not out yet, Valve's sequel to the super-popular WarCraft III mod already gets a thumbs up from this feature for its gorgeous character art.

It's being used once or twice a week to accompany the reveal of new characters and/or features for the game, and seeing as it hasn't been plastered all over the internet, I figured it was worth collecting it all in a single gallery.

Note that this isn't all of it! There are more heroes to dress up this nice as the game gets closer to release, at which time we'll probably check back in and do this all over again.

Also included are the original four pieces of character art released for the game because, well, they're badarse enough for a second (or third!) look.

Dota 2 is currently in closed beta, with invites going out, oh, maybe as you read this.

Fine Art is a celebration of the work of video game artists.


    actually although i am looking forward to this game alot of the character design/art looks horrible

    You are a bad journalist. You are a blogger. You are scum, uncreative, and a dissapointment to us all.

    This is not news, all you did was copy paste pictures. Do another insightful article, please, make it about the beauty of Diablo 3 art. Mooch off the work of others some more, baddie.

      Then leave.

        Get stuffed Milton, perhaps Luis' cares enough about Kotaku to not want it be dragged down by the likes of Luke Plunkett..

        Luke P is a shitty contributor to Kotaku and should be fired. I completely agree with Luis saying he blogs and doesn't write articles

      "I am a troll I am trolling a blog! Trolling, trolling blog! Troll! Blog! Troll, troll, trolling trolling blog! Troll, Troll. Troll troll blog!" :P

    How does the IP law work between Blizzard/Valve? I get that the original Dota was an independent WarIII mod that happened to use game models but duuudde.

    That's a straight-up Blizzard-styled Water Elemental, Troll Batrider, human Paladin and night elf Archer right there. If it wasn't directly ripped off Warcraft, it was certainly indirectly copied.

      I'm not sure what kind of agreement they had, but because it's based off the original Dota, they used the same heroes but remodeled them to be more contemporary, while I assume they'll eventually make their own heroes after they bring back enough old ones.

      I think Blizzard won't ever sue anyone due to the fact most of their IP's are just ripped off Games Workshop with a more childish and comical art style. BTW this isn't a stab at Blizzard games, I enjoy them they just clearly like to take inspiration from other places. So it would be slightly ironic for them to sue DotA for using what could practically be considered a free IP.

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