Dota 2's Beta Is "Kicking Up A Notch", Time To Sign Up Again

Having just finished their "first significant expansion of Dota 2 server capacity around the world", Valve has announced today an enlargement of the Dota 2 beta, meaning more invites.

Beginning later this week, the company will be 'handing out Dota 2 in increasing volumes", with prospective testers/early players urged to complete a survey on the game to be in for a shot of securing a beta invitation.

By increasing volumes, Valve really means increasing volumes: for every person who gets an invite, they'll be given two extra codes to be handed out to friends.

Oh, and to commemorate the occasion, there's also a new Valve comic for the game kicking off today, called Tales from the Secret Shop.


    It's kinda odd. They're giving out all these invites and looking for varied skill, even the 2 extra invites you get, but theres no "i've never played DOTA" button on the survey. Hopefully they'll just take the "non Dota" hours I have up and give me and invite or 3 :D

      Yeah Im sort of in the same boat. I used to play a fair bit of DOTA years ago in one of the uni computer labs with mates but havent really touched the game since. Spent the last six months or so in LoL and have rather enjoyed my experience thus far.

      I may have stretched the truth a little bit on my survey but at the end of the day I think the only things that will make me jump ship from one MOBA to another is latency, playing with mates and price.

    I'm terrible at DotA, but I still want in. Btw, if anyone is having trouble getting the link to the survey in steam to work, just copy the link (it's not a URL, obviously) and paste into 'Run' in Windows. Worked for me.

      I actually did paste it into my browser and it opened Steam and then the survey :P

    *** IMPORTANT *** Make sure you update your steam client OR ELSE the link won't do anything. follow this tut for help

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