Dust 514 Wants You To Drive Two-Seaters Of Death Into Its Warzones

In most combat games, you get into a vehicle and you ride/drive it -- often, it'll have weapons for you to fire, too -- until the wheels fall off. You might be able to upgrade the guns or armour in some instances but that's generally the extent of it.

CCP's taking a different approach to the vehicles in Dust 514. The level of customisation available for the transports in the upcoming massively multiplayer first-person shooter rivals those you'd find for characters in some games. It looks like what you drive into a firefight can be a matter of style as much as utility depending on how you outfit your ride, according to this snippet:

Engineering modules enable players to enhance essential functionality of their vehicle by increasing armour strength, increasing shield resilience, or improving overall speed and handling. Weapons modules and electronic warfare modules take on another dimension of utility. Weapons modules can outwardly boost the power of a vehicle's turrets by increasing the rate of fire or damage factor per shot, while electronic warfare class modules enable players to immobilize unsuspecting targets with stasis webifiers, cripple enemy turrets with tracking disruptors, or enhance guided missile lethality on target-painted hostiles.

The designs on display also look pretty freaking impressive. We'll get a look at how they handle when Dust 514 comes out of hiding in the coming months.

Vehicle Dynamics in DUST 514 [PlayStation Blog]


    Holy Shit *buy Buy Buy

      do want!

        Customisable drivable vehicles in a shooter game?

        Here is all my moneys! Give me all your copies!

    So they made EVE into an FPS?

      They're making every other game into a goddamn FPS, why not this one too?

    Lame that it is only pn PS3. What the fuck is CCP thinking?

      I have a feeling that it will end up on PC eventually, once they realise how small the PS3 MMO scene is.

      I think they are thinking "MmmmmMONEYmoneymoneymoneyMONEYmoneymoneymoneyMONEYmoneymoneymoney MONEY! MONEY! MmmmmMONEYmoneymoneymoneyMONEYmoneymoneymoneyMONEYmoneymoneymoney MONEY! MONEY! MmmmmMONEYmoneymoneymoneyMONEYmoneymoneymoneyMONEYmoneymoneymoney MONEY! MONEY!" etc

        But they record it speaking backwards and then play it in reverse to get that effect.


    Yeah originally CCP were going to support xbox as well but it's since been reduced to PC & PS3.

    I hate how CCP don't update their potential customers or even interact in their forums.

    I was super excited about this game and a possible Halo-convert but since dropping Xbox support I won't be buying or even playing this game I was so excited about.

      It's not CCP's fault that its not on Xbox its microsoft, they didn't want to connect with the playstation even sony was supporting the idea of it but micosoft didn't want the game. So blame it on microsoft.

        Its not that microsoft didnt want to interact with PS3 I think it was actually that xbox didnt have the support for bridging between PC and Xbox which is what CCP were looking for because they want to integrate Dust 514 into EVE.

    I have wanted a truly great adaptation of carwars for a long long time (I am old :( ) could this be it?
    I await with an open mind but so many have disappointed. One day it will happen.

      It's a planet based FPS, maybe with some RAGE style car shootie bits, it could be amazing with the EVE crossover..Or it could be s**t..

      I'll buy it anyway and give it a blast.

    Idiot pubbies

    The more this looks like Eve.. the less interested I am.

    This game also supports ps move sharpshooter. I can't wait... I am still slaying FPS's with the move and find it hard to go back to DS3 I love ps sharpshooter and can challenge any pad player. Bring on Dust 514 ...just wish that it was stereoscopic 3d enabled... Can't get it all I guess.

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