EA Giving Away Free Copies Of Battlefield 1943

EA Giving Away Free Copies Of Battlefield 1943

Starting this weekend, EA will be handing out vouchers for free copies of Battlefield 1943 to those who bought Battlefield 3 on PS3. Just like they originally promised. And all it took was the threat of a lawsuit!

Saying that “there have been some misunderstandings around Battlefield 1943 and Battlefield 3,” EA adds in a statement that “to address this we are making Battlefield 1943 available free of charge to owners of Battlefield 3 on the PS3 beginning this month”.

If that’s you, you need to head to this website from the following dates:

November 26: Europe December 10: North America December 17: Asia & Japan

Once that date rolls around, you then need to do the following:

– Activate your Battlefield 3 Online Pass for the PlayStation 3 using the voucher included in the game (see step #5 for additional instructions).

– Visit 1943redemption.battlefield.com on or after the dates outlined above for your region and log in with your Origin ID and password. Click here if you need help with retrieving your account information.

– Select your territory. Note vouchers do not work across regions.

– You will then receive a PlayStation 3 voucher for Battlefield 1943. Input your voucher into the PlayStation Network store. Instructions below.

– From the XMB (cross media-bar) of the PlayStation 3 connected to a network, choose [account management] under the [PlayStation Network].

– Enter voucher and select continue.

– Download Battlefield 1943.

While it’s faintly ridiculous for EA to say that a blatant bait-and-switch was a “misunderstanding”, at least they’re coming good on the offer.


  • I love how convoluted it is to do this, rather than, you know activate it via the online pass.

    “fine we will give it to you, but we will make it a pain in the ass for you to get so you won’t bother”

    fuck this. I traded in the game but they didn’t accept my online pass, which is unused. too bad I was a sucker who bought bf1943 when it came out.

  • And of course, it would turn out that nothing was in fact stopping EA from handing out free copies, and they were only thinking of lost sales or whatever.

    Greedy bastards.

  • Umm to all the ppl who dont understand regions, australia is always considered part of asia (when it comes to regions that is lol), when it is ready 4 asia, itl b ready 4 us aussies

  • So all this stuff is going to happen post release now or Microsoft may not approve thier game that includes ‘extras’ on the PS3

    • Not exactly, MS policy is they release the game in the same state as their counterparts, the agreement with Sony for the extra BF1943 doesn’t break that policy.

      The argument is that BF3 is/was released the same on both consoles, the inclusion of BF1943 doesn’t effect BF3 in anyway, they could include a demo a video, anything really as long as the content doesn’t in someway make the core product (in this case BF3) different

      This is no different to AssRev, the PS3 version includes the original AC as a bonus. AC doesn’t change what is in AssRev in anyway, both games are the same in content.

  • What about the PC audience? The game is unplayable and has large crashes that need a reboot of your pc manually…

    Oh wait thats what pirate bays for, lol

  • has anyone in Australia tried to use the U.K. English one? I’ve read the above comments but I’m still a bit weary

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