EA Happy To Swing Battlefield 3 Banhammer

EA Happy To Swing Battlefield 3 Banhammer

Whether they’re stat boosting or straight-up hacking the Gibson, Battlefield 3 players with a penchant for the illegitimate should be aware that EA has just banned “hundreds” of accounts for not competing all fair-like.

This was recently posted from the official Battlefield 3 Twitter account:

We take cheating and exploiting very seriously in Battlefield 3 and want to make it clear that it will not be tolerated … This week we’ve banned hundreds of offending accounts and have stats-wiped accounts for exploiting (such as boosting) … We’ll continue to be monitoring and taking action against the minority that doesn’t respect the integrity of the game.

I guess it’s good to know that guy on the leaderboards with over five billion points probably isn’t awesomely better than you. Just better at using the hacks, though not discreetly.

I haven’t played Battlefield 3 online yet — in fact, I don’t even own the game. For those that have indulged in DICE’s shooter, what bothers you more — players cheating or bugs that cause bizarre human centipedes and eternally-flipping jeeps?

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  • Well I remember Domination boosting in Call of Duty World at War, It was the funniest site seeing two entire teams taking turns then one blowing them all up and everyone cracking it.

    Also banning for boosting aka cheating the system, aka finding a loophold/bug that allows it shouldn’t be. Hacking should be banned, Boosting should be patched.

    • That was big for a while (with Conquest same type of game) in TF: WFC where after getting into a game I was playing normally – then quickly invited into a party by some Brits who explained that they were boosting so we were just taking the points and not fighting the other team! I’m a nice guy so I played along but wow – that’s all that was going in TF for the longest time and then once all these guy’s maxed out their level they dropped the game like a hot potato

  • I’ve only encountered one glitch on BF3 on the PS3 version, and that was on Kharg Island. I was playing Conquest and was capping B. I was prone inside the building, then a jet crashed into the roof and I suddenly found myself underneath the ground…

    I’ve only encountered 1 or 2 boosters, but EA should patch that ASAP imo.

  • Boosting is simply finding a way to get the most amount of XP due to the program provided by the developers. I don’t agree with accounts being banned/stats wiped for this. Patching, yes, but banning, no. Could you imagine if your high scores were wiped from Mario Bros if you chose to ‘exploit’ by using the warp pipes provided by the developers?

    • i don’t think the programmers intended for people to do those things

      the warp pipe was designed to be used in smb, DICE didn’t make the game so people could boost, it’s a bit of an oversight.

      people who boost deserve to have their stats wiped, as it makes it fair for those who are legitimately playing the game, and not relying on exploits

      • You can argue whether the programmers intended for something to happen till the cows come home, but the fact is, it can happen.

        If they don’t want it to, it should be patched. Don’t blame the players for taking advantage of something that’s within the rules of the game that doesn’t require any outside hacking or intrusion.

  • Also, if you don’t like boosters, go onto a Hardcore server and find the guys boosting with the EOD bots. Grief them until they quit. Much more satisfying that waiting for EA to ban them.

      • Actually on a hardcore server you’d just get on the same team as them and kill them by friendly fire. If I’m not mistaken, you won’t get XP for that, you’re just pissing off your team mates …for the right reasons or course.

        • Exactly right. You don’t get any xp for team kills. But you do get the satisfaction of messing up some boosters.

  • Now if only they could fix my kill death ratio after I somehow managed to join 3 consecutive games with aimbotters on the opposing team.

    • It’s from a BF3 glitch clip, but aiming a rocket launcher at someone at point-blank range seemed a fair allegory for what banning feels like.

  • really? banning people for boosting of all things?
    i’m sure its not their fault that they don’t want to play the game for 10 hours just to unlock the first thing that makes the jets actually useful (seriously what kind of military installment would send jets out without rockets/bombs/etc)

    • Ten hours? Could you exaggerate that number any more, took me roughly half an hour on a large conquest server to unlock them, it is really not that hard to level up.

    • Seriously? 10 hours for the jets? I’ve flown in the jets for roughly 4-5 hours and have unlocked almost everything. Not to boast but I don’t even equip the flares since I don’t need them.

  • It might just be me but I don’t see what EA said as implying they’re banning boosters at all. Just wiping their stats.

    • Maybe wipe their stats enough times that it takes the same amount of time to reach max by boosting as it would by playing the game. I’m a sucker for cruel irony.

  • I’ve never been against “boosting,” especially how these new shooters give such an edge to those who’ve grinded hours to get better gear versus the occasional player.

    Don’t tell me skill can triumph, because there is a fine line between that and imbalanced higher level weapons like the UMP with a reflex/red dot scope.

  • The only time I’ve boosted for an MP achievement was the “win 100 races” achievement in Import Tuner Challenge, because it was literally impossible to find a random race, you had to organise one with someone else who wanted to achievement (one reason MP achievements are an awful idea).

    But I think it’s poor form to punish people for it, as Bungie say “as long as people are playing by the rules of the game then they can do what they want”… so a hacker should be punished for breaking the rules and ruining everyone elses fun, but I fail to see how a couple of guys in a private room grinding for something or other is really impacting on anyone elses enjoyment…

  • There’s boosting for an achievement or two, then there’s boosting 90mill points through exploits not intended to be part of the game design.

    Exploitation = against TOS = Banhammer all you want. It’s the same deal as the 10th/15th/50th whatever prestige lobbies the COD games have been plagued with. While the mechanics are different, the end result cheapens my achievement of legitimately having gotten to x level or unlocked y gear/dogtag.

    Further, if you’re in a corner boosting kills/revives or repairs.. then you’re wasting a spot on already overpopulated aussie servers.

    If someone has a mate help him get the 300 points he needs to unlock his jet flares (read: 1 kill and an assist), no worries. If someone has an EOD bot and sits in a corner shooting/repairng it to boost 15k points a game.. die in a fire.

  • In cases where achievements for MP games come in, or small skill things that take a great degree of luck performing (i.e. Demolition kills in BFBC2) then there is no problem with it, as it’s only affecting an individual, but for stats boosting to gain a higher rank, which in turn pushes you unfairly up the leaderboard should be a stats-wipe offence at least.

  • I’ve earned most of my points playing support dropping ammo boxes every and capping flags. Yet I hate playing support I wanna do sniper but the starter gun sucks at the ranges I’m forced to use it as due to all the other snipers having way better gear than me. Although I do like partying with the M249…………..

  • Awesome, now companies control how much fun people have.

    Of course nobody would be complaining about boosting if there wasn’t farming in a shooter in the first place.

    Or they could just patch it too.

  • The thing is if you boosting your missing out on the fun of the game and that is the punishment not being able to have that sense of achievement.
    Ea banhammer is just one of so many ways they do not get the gaming community so what you bought the game who cares.
    Ea patch all you want but when you ban people for tiny reasons as soon as you lose good games no-one will stay to help you.
    No one has any loyalty to Ea which is why they have to change or they will fail.

  • If you get stat for boosting, good on ya and leave. Less boosting idiots the better. No need to try and justify your stance because it the programmers didn’t block it out. You just plainly suck at the game thus you boost because you lack any patience.

    Rather than patching it, I they should have the system flag them in game and have them reduce their HP to 1, or better yet blow them up with the death commentary “awww, boosting gone wrong, try again?”

  • Somehow I ended up against the same player 2 nights in a row…he was level 53!!
    Checked his stats on Battelog, and he’s played for 93 hours? Wait…wut? The game has been out for 2 week? Thats like 8 hours a day!
    Did not seem right at all. 2nd time though..I killed him more than he killed me 🙂
    I’m like level 6 or something haha
    (PS3 version)

    • I have put in 66hrs of gameplay and I am at 33, and I work 9hrs a day as well. Its not hard to put the time in if you do nothing else. Work all, play games all night 🙂

      As a sidenote, I am fairly sure it stops at Level 45. Then you get the eagle emblems afterwards but I have not bothered to check whether its a Prestiging system like COD. I have seen an Eagle emblem for one player which said 9!! maybe he’s a 9th Dan Super Blackbelt with Purple tips and scars BF3 player

  • Erebus, there’s a guy.. legitimately in the top 100 with something like a 200 score per minute (which is pretty woeful). Works out to something like 12-14 hours per day of playtime. Though if I was able to play for 5 hours/day at my SPM, i’d be the same level as him 😀

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