EB Games Exclusive: Limited Edition 25th Anniversary Legend Of Zelda 3DS

EB Games has secured itself another exclusive — this time it's the limited edition Legend Of Zelda 25th Anniversary 3DS. It goes on sale December 1 and will retail for $248.

It's a normal 3DS in features and pricing, but with fancy, Zelda-inspired artistry on the casing. It's also mostly black, which happens to be my favourite colour for handheld consoles, mobile devices and the soulless, vapid eyes of my user-created game characters.

Are you tempted to pick one up, even though odds are a new revision of the 3DS is about due?

Limited Edition The Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary 3DS [EB Games, via VG247]


    from what I read, does it even come with a Zelda game lol.

    Also EB games having a special edition is like a store having shelves at this stage, for some reason they have the exclusive EB only edition for every single game that being release.

      It's only the 3DS at EB, but in Europe it's bundled with Zelda:OoT for the same price.

      • Ummm.... actually they are not getting it for the same price in the UK or the US. They are indeed paying more for it.


        and the story is the same in the US


        Just sayin.....

      Seeing as the price is the same as a standard 3DS, there's no game included, no.

      And yes, I should be used to all these EB exclusives. Would be nice if GAME, or even JB got in on the action once in a while. Though I'm sure EB has all the publisher relationships nicely tied up.

        Gametraders had an exclusive deal with the golden Lancers. EBGames went behind in the distributors backs and imported it.

        What do you mean its the same as the standard price of the 3ds?!? The suggested retail price of 3ds in the USA is currently 169.99, so this Special Edition without game is $80 more than standard price! Its hard enough to justify a bundle pakage like this when its $40 more than the normal (suggested) retail price of a 3ds system and a game each bought individually, but them wanting $248 and not even lncluding the game is absurd. Paying nearly $100 more than the retail price for Legend of Zelda paint!!!!!

          Woops missed that this site was a .au and not a .com, now the pricing makes more sense! (Stupid misleading search engine). :\

    Eh. Nintendo Experience is above the EB store. Nuff said.

    No second analog stick = no buy

    Only worth it if it makes that "da da da daaaaa!" trasure chest noise every time you open it.

    Typical, I bought a 3DS 9 days ago for my partner for Christmas, she loves Zelda, and they won't take it back at full price (even unopened)

      Where'd you get that from? I want to know so I can avoid a store with such terrible policies.

        The EB policy is a 7 day return. But there are times when common sense comes into play.Being a manager myself what i would do is return the game and fully pay off a pre-order on a Zelda 3DS. If you're in WA come to the Karrinyup store and il sort it out for ya :)

          I'm also an EB employee and would do the same thing. What I would do if I were you is call the customer support hotline and explain your situation. I can't see them not letting you exchange it for a preorder onto the Zelda one honestly.

            I also 3rd this comment. I am also an EB Games employee who would have happily exchanged this for a preorder for you. Give the customer support guys a call first thing Monday morning on 133930 and let them know what has happened.

        While not as nice looking as the gold 25th aniversery design you could get her the Zelda 3ds armor for less a lot less moeny. (ex: http://www.ebgames.com/nintendo-3ds/accessories/zelda-3ds-crystal-armor/91316#media)
        By the way the picture above doesn't show, but the buttons and pads on the special edition unit have gold ink instead of the standard coloring. ;)

      Umm are you still selling it. I want to buy one.. name your price please? thank you

    Looks cool, but there are only 4 games that I'd buy for it that are out now or coming out in a few weeks (Zelda, Starfox, Super Mario and Mario Kart 7).

    I might pick one up next year when we (hopefully) see titles like Luigi's Mansion, Super Smash Bros, MGS and Kid Icarus.

    I am mighty tempted. Sure the 3DS range of games is rather lacking but the games that are available now or on their way (MGS, Smash Bros etc) are pretty much the only games I'll play on it anyway.

    That is a very pretty 3DS.

    I bought a DS on its second iteration though so I think I'll wait.

    As I said in the announcement for this, the Decal is upside down. People looking at you playing it will be seeing it upside down.

      No they won't. People looking at you playing will maybe see the top edge of the screen and/or reflections off the glossy surface of the screen itself.

      Unless you just so happen to play your 3DS up in the air for some reason.

      When the lid is open it is upside down if you are not the player...true!

      Are you sure this is just a decal on the console? If so, I wouldn't bother purchasing it.

    Very tempting, but not without Zelda, and certainly not when the '2 pad' version is inevitable to come out as soon as I buy one.

    It would be good if they made this the inevitable 2-thumbpad update. Otherwise you'd have to pick THAT up as well. And what if there's a Zelda-edition 3DS 2?

    If they offered a trade-in deal for a regular 3ds I'd consider it, since I already have a 3ds..

      I think you would pay around $80 if you traded a 3DS towards a new 3DS

    Hahaha, love how the image up the top just has a black square over the bits that mention the inclusion of OoT3D.

    Why mess with the euro bundle, this happens a lot

    Yeah, not having OoT in it is pretty frickn lame. Milking the Aussie dollar some more. Just put me off buying it.

    Ordering one today!

    If this is a decal on the console, I would not bother purchasing one. Anyone know whether it is or not?

    No, this isn't just a decal.
    The image is a part of the colour 'layer' of the console body, under a final clear coat. I have a Kirby edition DS Lite. It's very well made.
    I'm picking mine up this arvo :-)

    mine is great i get alot of comments big zelda fan but wondering how much mine is worth dont worry not selling it

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