Call Of Duty Elite Update: It’s Still Broken

Call Of Duty Elite Update: It’s Still Broken

A week after the tremendously successful release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, a game that more than 6.5 million people picked up on the first day, the massive community-driven, stat-tracking element of the game remains unstable at best.

Call of Duty: Elite was meant to herald a new era for the annual Activision military shooter, one that saw the increasingly diverse group of players spending even more of their time thinking about and playing the game. But problems have plagued the free and premium versions of the service since its launch.

The latest update, which hit the status site for Elite last night, talks about making key improvements including to the stability of the console app and website. But neither are yet working at 100 per cent.

One week later, Activision continues to work at increasing the number of users who can access the service simultaneously.

Here’s the entire letter:

Over the past few days, we’ve been able to make several key improvements to Call of Duty ELITE. The title, emblem and weapon camo for Founders are all available now. And, the title, emblem and Double XP for all members are available as well. For those of you who have logged into ELITE, we’ve improved the stability for both the console app and website and while neither is yet working at 100%, you should be seeing the results of that work. We are also still working very hard to increase the number of users who can access the service simultaneously, and over the next few days, we will be working to increase the functionality of groups and clans in the Connect section. We’ve made good progress, but we realise there’s still hard work to be done so that every player can access Call of Duty ELITE whenever they want.

Here are two updates on issues you’ve brought to our attention. We are working on a solution for gamers currently being inconvenienced by age restrictions in different countries. We are in the process of implementing this change and we’ll update you on our progress shortly. Also, while many people are curious and excited to use Call of Duty ELITE’s mobile applications, we plan to release the iOS and Android apps when we’re confident the service will be able to handle the extra traffic they will generate — so stay tuned.

If you have activated your premium membership, but haven’t yet received your Founders’ entitlements mentioned above in-game, please log into If you see this green skull icon next to your gamer ID, that means your Founder status is activated, and your benefits should appear in-game within a matter of hours. If you’re still having difficulties, please visit Activision Customer Support.

We will keep you updated as our progress continues. Thanks again for your patience and understanding. We continue to work around the clock to bring you the full Call of Duty ELITE experience.

The fact that a company so used to dealing with the launch of a game as popular as Call of Duty would suffer this sort of breakdown is surprising. That Activision is joined at the hip with Blizzard, a company that runs one of the most efficient game server networks in the world, and still ran into this problem is ludicrous.

Elite Service Notice [Elite Status Update]


  • potential marketing ploy or just plain stupidity ? Since its release i have seen more articles about the elite service because of its flaws then i probably would have if it worked fine. But hey they could also of been idiots and even though they had a beta of, what was it 2000 :\, they believed they would be ready for all their founder members wanting to sign up. It is quite poor form since they hyped it up considerably.

  • It’s sad that a service you pay for hasn’t been working yet that same type of service for Battlefield has been running smoothly and it’s free.

  • As someone who has stopped playing COD, I get the impression that it’s only non-players like myself who actually care that it’s failed to launch. As much as it seems detrimental to the brand, the number of people that will “quit” Call of Duty because of this will probably number in the tens. As soon as they solve the majority of these issues and get it up and running “as intended” subscribers are just going to forget it even happened.

    • This.

      I got my copy of MW3 at the midnight launch. Couldn’t give a flying crap about Elite it’s just extra (although admittedly I didn’t pay for it). It’ll be fun to play around with when it works but I didn’t buy the game for the service. I bought the game for GAME, and that works fine.

  • Can’t believe people gave Activision $60 for nothing….

    And I thought giving them $100 for Call of Rehash 8 was bad enough…

  • The same issues of stability exist over in FIFA12 land with EA…at least from what I hearing COD isn’t nearly as buggy? Can’t understand the inability to correctly estimate usage at launch, and prepare a scalable solution.

    • Im guessing they knew how many copies they’d sell – just didnt antiipate the attach rate to elite that would go with it. Pretty detrimental oversight…

  • I sitll can’t access the blasted thing.
    On the xbox it tells me to try again later… and on pc it doesn’t get past the basic login page.

    And as for accessing the basic ‘founder’ stuff that came with my copy of the game, there doesn’t seem to be a way to enter the code on the website.

    • The code on the back of the Founder card is for people who happen to get the game after the 13/11 or if you forgot to activate your Elite code found behind the manual, which you had to use before the 13/11. I was scratching my head as to where I had to use the Founder code.

  • one thing i dont understand is that they had a beta running prior to the release of mw3. isnt the purpose of a beta used to iron out all the issues before it is released out to the world?

    then again… i can only imagine the feedback from the COD fanboys to be somewhere along the lines of ‘OMFG THIS IS AWESOME!!!!11one’ even if it was fully functional or not…

  • It seems to work for me. I have my Founder status and all, as the Elite Xbox app runs fine. Stats show up too.
    Funny thing is I’ve been a big COD fan since COD2, but MW3 is the first game that hasn’t gotten my attention. I’ve probably clocked just over 4 hours of game time online since launch, but I’ve put in about 24 hours in BF3 which I’m finding more enjoyable.
    MW3 feels like I’m back in 2009…

    • I tried playing BF3 and just couldn’t get into it. I found the maps just too large to really enjoy, I spent most of my time running/flying/driving around enjoying the pretty scenery only to get shot once I found the action.
      Diff’rent strokes I guess.

  • People have to realise now with games this big it is an massive undertaking to get it right on the development side. People are hammering them unfairly I think.

    There needs to be some latitude in that street date is really a 90% working ?Beta version you pay for , then it gets improved based on feedback from the users.

    To expect 100% working games of this size with such a massive userbase is ludicrous.

    Lower your expectations and learn to live with the real cycle of development , which keeps going long after strret date.

    • I kind of agree with you here. Only they shouldn’t be selling it as a finished product.

      Ignoring for a second that it was made by a different studio, Black Ops disappointed me so much out-of-the-box (it took THREE patches before I could get through more than one multiplayer game without it crashing) that I refused to get excited about MW3 for fear of it happening again.

      The game itself works pretty perfectly as far as I can tell, but anyone who forked out the extra cash for an Elite account on Day One has a right to be disappointed and a bit pissed off.

      • I don’t see who in their right mind would fork out extra cash just for stat-tracking. Halo and Battlefield have them and its done free of charge.

      • I don’t see who in their right mind would fork out extra cash just for stat-tracking. Halo and Battlefield have them and its done free of charge.

        • I don’t see the point either, but that doesn’t mean other people can’t enjoy it/get something out of it and it’s no excuse for Activsion to launch a paid service that doesn’t work.

          • I’m not paying for stat tracking… I’m paying for the teaching and improvement stuff in the hope that it stops me being a drag on which ever team I’m playing with.

            I don’t know what it’s like for the rest of you… but I’m consistantly holding a K/D in the order of 1/8.

    • Reggie – this perspective really troubles me. I’m not saying you are wrong, I just feel a bit cheated when I’ve paid full price for something that doesn’t work 100%, and I have no idea as to the planned timeline to make it work. There is nothing on the box that warns me that the game will require an unspecified amount of time before it can be guaranteed to work as advertised.

      Example – I bought FIFA12 at launch, and I cannot get past the first season without having all the goalkeepers vanish just before season 2. The game is at this point kinda unplayable for me, and I have no idea when there will be a patch that fixes it, and so it sits unused, a wasted purchase. Anyway, at least the Elite team seem to be communicating with their user base, and addressing the issues.

  • I can’t think of a single online launch for a game or game service that has worked perfect from day one – it’s hardly surprising. At least they’re making it free for the first month or so. And what the article says about the Blizzard link – WoW was a horrific mess when it launched and continued to be that way for weeks (that was a looooong time ago though).

  • Hey guys i’ve got this code on the back of my MW2 manual. VIP access or something? Can I use it yet?

    Brendan, WoW was fine.. who didnt like waiting in 1000 people queues only to have the server crash? 😀

    OT: Yeah these things rarely work right at launch, but it’s a lot of money to pay.

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