Even Saints Row Wants To Know Where Half-Life 2: Episode 3 Is...

Reader Naroon sends us this snap he took of a "well-hidden easter egg" he found while playing Saints Row the Third.

Volition, I could tell you where most of those ships are, even the Ishimura, but your guess on the Borealis is as good as mine, sadly.


    Wow. well-hidden indeed. Though given SR's style I was expecting it to be on some large billboard.

      What made you think that? Volition is WAY more subtle than that. Just look at their games!

    I don't get it!

      The Boreallis was the missing ship referenced in half life 2:ep2 and portal 2

        and back in portal 1

          I have played all of those but I have never heard of a missing ship let along "the borealis". Ordinarily I like to think I'm someone who pays attention but obviously not this time.

            There's a hidden room in Aperture Science in Portal 2 atleast. Very subtle. Very awesome.

              http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PVbqOwh2s3M You talkin bout this one?

                That's the one. Maybe a little TOO subtle. :D

            That's it, McGarnical! You're off the case!

            kinding me, they mention it constantly at the end of half life 2 ep two, you know.

            "Gordon, Get to the Ship, but destroy whats there, its too powerful", something like that. Hopefully its a portal gun., or something just as awesome.

              Bloody heck, was I drunk when I played ep2 or something? I DID play it on xbox...

                Orrrrrrr maybe u just didn't play HL at all... There's no possible way you wouldn't know a thing about the Borealis if you payed even the slightest bit of attention to the HL story..

                I played them all and don't remember anything about it either. Was a few years ago so I may simply have just forgotten about it.

    Heart of Gold depends on whether you consider the Eoin Colfer book canon, Axiom returned to earth, Ishimura is gradually infecting larger and larger space stations and I think the Mary Celeste is somewhere on the Pacific, but only Dr Mossman knows where the Borealis is.

    The VonBraun and Rickenbacker are so missing, they're not even on the list.

      Good point. No doubt Shodan redacted that information.

    Not familiar with all of them, but Axiom is from Wall-E, Ishimura is from Dead Space, Heart of Gold is from Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, Mary Celese was a ghost ship and I think most of the others are, too.
    Which the Borealis seems to be turning into.

      Baychimo and Octavius are a ghost ships both lost around Alaskan waters, HMS Seahorse and USS Snook were lost submarines.

      And that's my Wikipedia procrastination done for the evening.

    LOL am i the only one that noticed his SR3 character is lara croft :P

      Long brown hair in pony tail instantly means Lara Croft?

    LOL am i the only one that noticed his SR3 character is lara croft :P

    My 18 hours on the USG Ishimura are some of the finest I've ever experienced in gaming. Love that game.

      Felt suspiciously like a more actiony System Shock, though. Luckly it was still damn good. Didn't care for the sequel.

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