Female Link Rocks Out Zelda On Her Fiddle

Violinist Lindsey Stirling has a whole bunch of YouTube videos in which she "rocks out" on her violin. She does that on her latest video, but this time she's dressed as Link and playing Zelda music.

There's a horse and, um, crane shots, and a dungeon, some fire, picturesque settings and snow. It's all so earnest and slightly goofy, but that, along with the playing, is precisely what makes it so darn enjoyable.

Zelda Medley [YouTube Thanks, kewlguy!]


    Where are those settings? It's so pretty...

    I am impressed.
    And in love.
    That chick is awesome.

    So lame it could have been a yoghurt commercial. Still good orchestration, just wish us Zelda fans could get the music we deserve in game rather than the continual use of a midi score

      obviously you've never played skyward sword, otherwise you would have hear the beautiful fully orchestrated soundtrack.

    It creeps me out that I find myself so attracted to females when they dress as Link...

    Gerudo Valley was awesome!

    Rhys: I hear Skyward Sword is orchestral

    Wow what a cool chick

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