Fight Night Champion Offers Its Modes A La Carte On PSN

Fight Night Champion Offers Its Modes A La Carte On PSN

As tipped off yesterday, Fight Night Champion is being offered a la carte over PlayStation Network beginning today — gamers can buy the boxing title’s “Champion Mode”, the cinematic narrative of fictious boxer Andre Bishop, for $US5. If they enjoy that, they can add other game modes on a piecemeal basis.

EA Sports made it official with a news release minutes ago. PS3 customers who buy Champion Mode at $US4.99 can then extend their experience to Fight Now (the one-off offline fight mode) for another $US5, or Legacy Mode, the create-a-boxer career experience, for $US10, which also includes Boxer Share, the ability to upload and download created boxers. Full online play is another $US10.

Altogether, it means Fight Night Champion‘s components cost $US30, combined, on PlayStation Network. That’s its current retail price through GameStop (around $US20 through used-copy sales channels like Glyde and, where online access is not guaranteed).

For Xbox Live users, the game is available as a full title only, for $US29.99. No explanation was given why PlayStation Network could offer individual game modes and Xbox Live could not.

Kotaku reached out to EA Sports for comment, but there is no indication that this kind of a la carte offering is planned for other titles the label publishes.


  • They really set the fight night franchise back with this version – One of the dissapointments of the year (wait was it this year, too many games!) imho

  • Thats…. a SMART way to do it??? Congrats! I like this method! I’ve often complained that I’m that odd duck out there that plays the CoD SP game but not MP and I’d like to just purchase that aspect for 30 – 40 bucks instead of 100 (hence why I rent it instead…) I wish they too would adopt this idea, then I’d do it for sure 🙂 Way to go! Be picking this up for sure 😀

    • 100% agree. I’ve wished that this would happen for a while, because I have no interest in MP gaming.

      I hope Naughty Dog sees this. Uncharted’s MP is completely wasted on me.

  • I liked the cinematic aspect of this years effort.
    Need to expand it to be an option for career. I loved the brutal jail fight.

    Putting some personality into your boxer like nba2k12 would be awesome. (Endorsements, weigh in fights, ability to diss your opponent to gain a boost before your next fight)

  • I really like this idea and i honestly hope more publishers/developers take note; because it’s perfect for a game like this where i played (and liked) Champion Mode but didn’t touch the other modes much.

    Granted this idea wouldn’t sit well with publishers/devs on a newly released game; but i don’t see why not on a game that has been out for a while.

    Well done EA, well done 🙂

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