Final Fantasy Type-0 Is Obsessed With Underpants

Honestly, I'm not quite sure if this is the first g-string in the series or not. Final Fantasy VII's Fran gets dangerously close, but that's ultimately outerwear. This, unfortunately, is underwear.

Other than it being fan service, I've never quite understood why upskirts are added — heck, even Nintendo does this kind of thing. I've always thought their inclusion violates the characters somewhat and breaks the third wall. Yet, give people a camera and freedom, and this is what you get...

And so, here we are, Final Fantasy Type-O's Emina and her skimpy underwear.

Like any good MMO (make that MMO, full stop), Final Fantasy XIV offers a wide range of intimate wear.

As far as Final Fantasy box titles go, Type-0 has spent a considerable time focusing on underwear, giving each female character their own underpants. Perhaps this is a result of the considerable interest shown in FF XIII skivvies.

Final Fantasy Type-0 was released in Japan late last month. No word on a Western release or what's up with all the underwear in Type-0

【画像あり】「FF零式」下着のこだわりがすげぇwww [アルファルファモザイク]


    "Final Fantasy VII‘s Fran gets dangerously close" .....really? Final Fantasy VII? Doesn't anyone proof read the collection of words the American writers pass off as articles?

    "Final Fantasy XII's Fran"

    Fixed. Lol I sat there going through the list of ff7 chars in my head trying to remember a Fran.

    Shocking to see Brian Ashcraft write an article like this!... Wait. no it isn't

    This is worse than usual... maybe he's drunk?

    This has got to be one of the most hilariously QUALITY articles I've ever seen on this site. Even for Bashcraft.

    lololololloloolll FF7's fran, i stopped reading, just came here from the Witch article, Brian is having a slow day, DRINK SOME V OR MOTHER BRO

    Anyone have a problem Shiva, Siren and - bah can't remember got their intricately shaped bush all out and up in our grills in FF8 though?

    Or even Ifrits big crotch shrubbery

    I refuse to believe this guy was an American-born writer. Japanese ESL students can write better structured sentences than this article. He gets PAID to do this?

    Fran is from "Final Fantasy XII", buttmunch!

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