First Proper Look At The New Neverwinter Game

First Proper Look At The New Neverwinter Game

It’s no Neverwinter Nights, but the upcoming Neverwinter online game is still Dungeons & Dragons and it’s still Neverwinter. So a first decent look at the game’s engine since E3 (albeit via a rather cinematic trailer) is still in order.

There are few things on Earth more agonising than Americans failing to pull off a British accent. Few, but not many.

Neverwinter is an upcoming online game for the PC that can be played either with friends in your party or solo (with AI help). It’s being developed by Champions Online studio Cryptic, and is due out towards the end of next year.


  • I quite liked City of Heroes/Villains back in the day. It should be eye candy-rific and OTT! With a Neverwinter setting and story as well.. I reckon they can’t fook it up. I’m looking forward to it. Didn’t even know one was on the way. Whens it due?

  • Let’s hope its got some deep *actual* roleplaying elements… if its shallow as Cryptic’s recent games, then we’re fucked.

  • Looks like absolute shit

    Nothing has come close to Baldurs Gate for me (even though DA: Origins was pretty awesome)

    Need more quality D&D titles not this junk

    • Not even NWN1? I loved that game. Ok the single player wasn’t a 10/10 but it was decent, and the multiplayer was where the game really shined. Loved all those RP servers.

  • The trailer was a letdown for me… Two forces charge at each other but you don’t really get a sense of any impact when they clash. The animations look a bit off as well just take a look at those undead charging they look like they are running on the moon.
    That hulking skinless red zombie doesn’t look right… He has no skin but his boots, helm and belt look shiny and new…. they really look kind of out of place on him…shouldn’t they be covered in gore or something? And are those black panties under that shiny belt?

    The hero (who sounds like he is reading from a script) mentions standing under the dragons black wings when they are blue and gold! And he kind of trails off at the end, did anyone else understand him toward the end of the hero speech!?

    It will never be like Shadows of Amn again.. Oh well back to Skyrim!

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