Forget Cocaine, This Rocker Splurged On Game Consoles

Former Oasis singer Liam Gallagher (above, cardboard) spent much of the 1990s under a blizzard of cocaine. Now, he's older. And apparently buying toys.

According to the Daily Star (yes, I know), the 39-year-old Gallagher spent £3000 ($4600) on toy helicopters, remote control cars and game consoles.

Which sounds like an awesome to blow £3000.

Supposedly, all the toys are for Gallagher, who told a source, "I'm a big kid at heart, I enjoy boys' toys, what can I say?"

Liam's brother and former Oasis songwriter Noel doesn't dig video games that much, blaming the London Riots on video games and once saying Guitar Hero was "better than two goblins trying to f**k a donkey up the arse with a laser beam". He did once have a Space Invaders tabletop cabinet and did drugs off it.

Rock'n'roll, people, rock'n'roll!

Liam Gallagher recently released an album with his new band Beady Eye, and Noel Gallagher has since gone solo, releasing an album of his own.


Top photo: Adrian Dennis/AP


    how about snorting cocaine while playing games? that sounds like an awesome idea.

      I know someone who did that whilst MMOing. The fact he needed to do a line suggested the game was sorely lacking excitement...

    I never bash or flame articles on Kotaku because I use my mouse to filter the ones I know are crap out but this is taking up valuable space on the Kotaku homepage.


    ... once saying Guitar Hero was “better than two goblins trying to f**k a donkey up the arse with a laser beam”

    I'm confused. Is this a good statement or a bad statement? I'm tending towards bad, myself.

    So does the photo confirm my suspicions than a cardboard cutout of Liam Gallagher has a more appealing personality than the the real thing.

    and what about Noel Gallagher spending £7,000 for a night in a bar? then he can tell more lies and bullshit.

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