Free Gold (Four Day) Weekend Starts Today On Xbox Live

This weekend being Thanksgiving weekend in the US, there'll be millions of Xbox gamers lounging around, sleeping off food hangovers. What better way to spend it, then, than with a free weekend of Xbox Live.

And it's not just a weekend! It's the entire mini-holiday period, meaning from today (Thursday November 24) through to Sunday November 27, anyone without a gold subscription will be able to get their multiplayer game on.

They'll also get access to Netflix, Hulu Plus, Facebook, ESPN, Video Kinect, and Zune Music Pass.

If you're outside the US and think this is a pretty sweet deal, sorry, it's only available for "the 50 United States or Washington, D.C."


    Yes, publish this in Kotaku AU where you can't use it. Thanks for getting my hopes up.

      Who actually makes these stupid articles viewable, does luke have the ability to post this stuff on kotaku au? I thought the au staff would filter this stupid shit.

        Yeah, he posted it here intentionally, to screw with all the aussies who question his journalistic abilities ^^

    My 3 free years of XBLG expired this month.

    I haven't missed it for even a second.

    Also, our mountain dew doesn't have caffeine in it. Goddam yanks get everything.

    Black firday's coming up! Obviously this applies to people in Australia!
    (not counting online purchases)

    Damn your shitty journalism, Plunkett... And damn Murica'.

    Is this implying that Washington D.C is not a united state?

      Correct me if I'm wrong, because I probably am, but Washington D.C. is technically a 'district', not a state. Kinda like what the A.C.T. is here... I think.

        Yep, I believe you are right. I think D C stands for District of Columbia, though I'm not a yank so I don't know.

          Yep not a state and it citizens have limited congressional rights compared to the states (similar to Canberra and the NT)

    PS3 gamer here, not needing to pay for essentials.

      I really don't understand why you came in to comment on an Xbox article.

        Why not?

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