Frozen Synapse Coming To iPad

One of 2011's PC hits, Frozen Synapse, is getting an iPad release in the first half of 2012 and will also have cross-platform play.

The UK-based indie studio, Mode 7, says that it has been working on the project for a while and that the port will have cross-platform play with the PC edition, meaning players on different platforms will still be able to play against each other.

Paul Taylor from Mode 7 reassured fans that the introduction of an iOS edition doesn't mean that the studio is going to abandon its PC base. "We're actually working right now to hire another team member so we can give it more attention and update it more efficiently," he said.

Taylor said that there will be tweaks made to the game's interface to make it iOS-friendly, and once that is done a beta will be launched.



    This is wonderful news.

    This and the (already available) port of Machinarium.

    Also, board games like Carcassonne (also on iphone, but hey, bigger screen), Ticket to Ride and Small World.

    Might have to get an iPad. Considering I've made it this far might wait for an iPad 3.

      Also, don't know where you got that pic from Trace but I think they're just mucking about. Don't think I've ever seen a setup that complicated in the game. I've learned that the simple moves are often the most effective.

    Frozen Synapse is such a unique turn based strategy game that I wrote several guides for it, they’ll be very useful to new and even intermediate players who seek tactics tips and tricks for multiplayer

    Wonderful news NOW GIVE ME ANDROID ALSO

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