Frozen Synapse Is Headed To The iPad

Frozen Synapse Is Headed To The iPad

The award-winning turn-based tactical game Frozen Synapse is being ported over to the iPad, the developer Mode 7 said yesterday, expecting the game will hit the iTunes App Store in 2012.

Mode 7’s Paul Taylor said the studio also is “looking at better ways of updating and supporting the game on its current platforms,” and that fans should “expect some new things in the New Year” as well.

Currently available for Windows and Linux PC and Mac, Frozen Synapse has been an indie delight this year, pushing more than 300,000 in sales and well regarded enough to get its own Humble Bundle.

Mode 7 said Frozen Synapse for the iPad will enter a beta soon, with a price and final release date to be announced next year.


  • Going on McGarnical’s comment. Who actually puts the US articles through? Is it automated? Because this is not the first, nor the last, time that we’ve gotten a US article that is late to the party.

    Even better, can KotakuAU at least add filters to it’s new site? Since most US articles are pure crap can we have the option to not view them? Hell, if we wanted their articles we’d actually visit the US site. Remember, KotakuAU, you’re actually considered a worthwhile gaming news website. KotakuUS has been, for many years, considered an absolute waste of space populated by mouth-breathers (both staff and those who comment). So can you do something about it or at least clarify that posting KotakuUS content is a requirement that Allure set?

    • Maybe it’s time KotakAU ditched the “Kotaku” name entirely and became its own website. Kotaku gets shat on quite a bit around the net, but we here know the AU site is a completely different beast – ie worthwhile!!

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