Fund Dragon Island Rpg, Collect An Army Of Monsters

The concept is simple: Collect monsters, amass army and plow your way through dungeons. It feels in the video like it's almost a cross between Pokemon and Shining Force. If you don't like the sound of that cross over you aren't a human.

Goal: $US15,000 Notable Reward: $US85 - an official t-shirt AND have a floor named after you in the Infinite Dungeon! Chances:Rough, the game looks strong, but it'll take a lot of backs very quickly to make this happen. Finishes: December 10

Dragon Island RPG [Kickstarter]


    I was excited as I clicked on this link, and was then disappointed by two things: the immensely informative 'article' written in true a-grade KotakuUS journalism, and the fact this is intended for iOS.

    I'd be ready to help this one out, if it were for Android. I wouldn't be funding iPoo in the hopes it gets an Android port. Shame. This looks immensely cool.

      Next time check if the there is an Australia flag below the title. If it doesn't, don't read. So that no one have to know that another person failed to do a simple check for Kotaku US post and complained =D

      No worries there are enough iOS user funding for it. No need for your highness' android fan-boyism help.

        Maybe Ynefel is just frustrated that most posts to do with mobile gaming is for the iP-whatever. It's very annoying, especially if you own an Android phone. It would be nice for Kotaku to consider us for a change, especially since Android has just as many uders as Ip-whatever users.

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