GAME Now Selling Skyward Sword To Those With Pre-Orders [UPDATE]

Technically it's not a street date break, most likely it's similar to the Ocarina of Time 3D and Super Mario 3D Land situation, but GAME has announced that if you have a pre-order for The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, you are now free to come in and pick it up.

It's probably a result of grey imports being sold in other stores, but if you have a pre-order at GAME, you are now able to get a copy of Skyward Sword a day before its official release. We will update this story if any other retailers break.

UPDATE: Both JB Hifi and EB Games are sending texts to those who have placed pre-orders on SKyward Sword. You should be able to go and pick up your pre-orders now.


    Can I go in, pre-order then buy it?

      ...yup, this works! Mate of mine tried it! :D

      Technically, the game has not been released. There is no street date break. HOWEVER - Nintendo have given the go-ahead to sell preordered copies of the game, due to grey imports. It's an attempt to help keep specialists from losing preorders. Of course, since it's not out yet, you can still preorder...

      Lovely little cycle, isn't it?

    Yeah break already so I can buy on my way home.

    Received a text message from my local JB Hi-Fi saying that my Limited Edition has arrived. Going to go pick it up now!

      Oooo! *waits impatiently for my text*

        I'm waiting too. hurry up JB. 1 hour and then im going to GAME. screw my 10 buck deposit.

      i work at JB... i sent like 300 of those messages today. twice. first one to say they can pick up their preorder thursday morning... then 2 hours later, one to say they can pick it up now.. gah

    Comon JB Hi-Fi. Thankfully they are open till 9pm. leaves plenty of time to break.

    Just got my JB HiFi text telling me to come pick it up

    Had it since last firday

    Looks like EB will be doing the same for preorder customers and those that request

    Come on Gametraders. Break that streetdate!

    You know you want too!

      we are about to check this through our head office... check with your local GT for confirmation

    You can't buy the game, but if you have a preorder you can pick it up today.

    If you don't have a preorder though you can pre order it today and then pick it up today.

    But they can't sell it to you today.

    dodgy mother fu--

    Just got a text from EB Games telling me i could come and pick up my copy ^.^

    Just rang my JB-Hi Fi. Going to pick it up now! SO EXCITED.

    You know, I'm actually surprised at the enthusiasm people are having over the game. I thought the hype for Zelda would have been dying out over the years.

      What are you doing on this page then? Go curl up in a corner. While we play Zelda.

        Yes, because my comment was such biased hate...

          There was no hate in my post :) Just join in on the enthusiasm or GTFO (please detect joking tone before responding)

    Just rung my local JB Hi-Fi. All I have to do is pre-order Skyward Sword and I can pick it up today. Yes, an odd workaround but a workaround I am more than willing to abuse.


    Anyone pre-order at JB Hi Fi in The Galeries (Sydney) and got a text? Haven't received a text yet, but I pre-ordered a month or so before the official release date was released.

    NOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Just rang JB Hi-Fi Narre Warren. They don't have there stock yet. :(

      You have my sympathy. :( I sure hope mine have the collector's edition.

    Just went into my local eb and asked. They are selling now.

    JB Ringwood said no. Doh!!

      Did they not have stock or did they just not want to sell it?

        Just wont sell it. From the way he was talking he has the stock.

    Bah! Just rang JB Mt Ommaney (QLD). They say they are still "processing" preorders and will send a text when done. Which could be this afternoon but more likely tomorrow. Not happy :(

    JB Hi-Fi Chatswood said that their preorder system takes until overnight to process, but they are more than happy to "try and see if it goes through".

    Result: I'm now going to JB Hi-Fi at galleries.

    So over this street date breaking bull... It's very inconvenient behind the counter; at least this time it's explicitly Nintendo's fault for not bringing about a concurrent global launch. Screw those guys.

    Urh, do I go out in the rain to the nearby stores and try my luck with no pre-order. Wait 'til tomorrow evening after the release proper. Or be sane and realise that I'm not going to have much time to play until the weekend anyway so wait to then.

    jb hifi at world square wouldn't let me do the preorder then pickup thing. Told them that other stores were doing it but they still said no...

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