Game Paused Relaunches With New T-Shirts

For gaming-themed t-shirts that are a bit more subtle than a giant Super Mario Bros. toadstool print, say hello to Game Paused, an apparel shop that recently relaunched to include t-shirts that pay homage to The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Bros. and L.A. Noire.

Game Paused has specialised in gaming-themed clothing since 2005. The recent relaunch sees a bunch of new designs coming to the store, including a Super Mario design inspired by the game's Super Famicom packaging and an icon collage from The Legend of Zelda.

The store currently offers free shipping worldwide.

[Game Paused]


    These are awesome. Thanks Tracey! *crosses a few more people off the Christmas gift list*

      The free shipping thing is awesome. :D

    When will makers of really cool gaming T-shirts consider the extra fat kids! Jinx does! why not other!

      you've got to remember that US/UK sizing charts are different to ours, I normally wear 4XL stuff purchased here in Australia, and I normally buy either XL or 2XL in US sized clothes.

      basically I compare the sizing to the Split-Reason sizing chart, because I know their 2XL fits me nicely, so I just order whatever size is closest to that wherever I'm buying from.

    Coming soon to an episode of Big Bang near you...

    Dammit, I just wasted a heap of money on threadless recently. These look awesome.

      hi, longtime reader first time commenter - I know what you mean, i just splurged on threadless myself with their $10 reprints

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