Gamer Thwarts Gunman's Attempt To Steal His Copy Of Call Of Duty

A 27-year-old man fought off an armed teenager in a dark parking lot when the would-be robber demanded his copy of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 at gunpoint, Kansas City police say.

The 18-year-old was arrested earlier today after following a customer from a GameStop. When confronted by the teen, the 27-year-old fought for the gun, forcing the suspect to flee the area.

Police say the bumbling teenager confronted the gamer in his apartment parking lot about 1am, racking a round in his gun and shouting "give me the game!" When the gamer told him off, the gunman racked a second round, ejecting the first onto the ground. That's when the gamer made his move, struggling over the gun until the teen fled.

Police arrested the teen hours later, after discovering him standing in line at the same GameStop, waiting to buy a copy of the game.

Northland gamer thwarts gunman's attempt to steal Call of Duty [Kansas City Star — Thanks Zach!]


    What kind of an idiot messes with an armed kid probably hyped up on crack over a $50 game?

      Reads to me as the kid fired off the shot as soon as he could, to scare the guy, before said guy knew wtf was going on. The guy then got his senses as the kid reloaded and the gun was useless.

      So I would say the "not a" kind of idiot, personally.

      "When the gamer told him off, the gunman racked a second round, ejecting the first onto the ground."

      Obviously an experienced gun owner. I wouldn't mess with him either.

        If he was such an experienced gunman, why did he eject the first round? Kind of defeats the purpose of loading another bullet and left him open for attack.

          Wow Parker...

          Fuckin' Whooooosh

    +1 extremely stupid move.

      I know right? Why would you hold someone up for Modern Warfare 3? He should've said Arkham City.

    Reminds of this one time in MGS3 where Ocelot thought he could chamber the first round by hand and then failed, and had Snake put the beat down on him

      Hopefully seeing this soon once my metal gear solid HD arrives.

    these violent games are promoting our kids to become more violent! we need to put a stop to it and ban games entirely, there is no need for this kind of behavior and the video game industry is only fueling it with games like bf3, mw3 and gtaV. we need more family friendly games like nintendogs and less violent games degrading our childrens social awareness to be kind to one another

    its criminal!

      Troll much?


          I love it when people are subtle and clever in their trolls........unfortunately, you are not one of these people.

      yea we should stop getting things we want cause dispirit people might want to take them from us. Your an idiot, its not games that are doing this, people were robbing people well before games were invented.

      That's like saying someone stole a car lets not have cars any more or someone stole money so we should be rid of that lol

        another bite!

          A Troll-within-a-troll-within-a-troll!
          *confetti falls*

    Ok, gonna show my age here. What does "the gunman racked a second round, ejecting the first onto the ground" actually mean? What's racking?

      I don't think not knowing term to do with guns is "showing your age" considering guns aren't exactly a new invention.

      That said, I have no idea what it means either... Maybe something to do with bullets.

        Noted, I'll change that to "Showing my predisposition to Nintendogs and less violent games..." Who am I kidding. GoW3 is turning into MW3 today thanks to JB :) BOOYA....still don't know what racking means though :/

          Only going off what it sounds like and not having any knowledge of guns, I'll put my money on he loaded the gun the first time, then loaded it a second time (which presumably clears the barrel of remaining/spent bullet shells).

          Either way, if I'm reading it right, the gun was still loaded and ready to fire both times.

        I reckon it's where you pull back the top of a glock type pistol to load a round into the chamber, which you'd normally do when you first load the gun. To sound tough he did it again which only ejected the first round and presumably loaded a second.

        COPS taught me this one, not video games. When they get a pistol off a bad guy they take the magazine out then pull back the top thingy which ejects the round from the chamber.

          I don't know P4NT5, according to the Christian lobby, that's a pretty far fetched idea you have there. More likely you learned the detailed workings of a gun from the murder simulator GTA 1... tsk tsk

          I think you're correct, You do see it in movies when people eject the clip from a gun and then on a pistol pull the top part back to eject the one in the chamber, in an automatic weapon they pull a lever I think which ejects a bullet also? I remember seeing a movie sorta recently where a character did this and he made it so the chambered round flew into the air and he caught it. Smooth stuff ;)

        If it's an automatic pistol, it's sliding back the housing over the barrel... which ejects the spent round. However, if he did it without pulling the trigger the round wouldn't have been fired. So he ejected an unused bullet.

    Something tells me that the guy is hoping the game is actually worth it, after dealing with that.

    Dude can afford a gun but can't buy the game ?

      Unless he was buying the game with money he mugged from people?


    well supposing you have the guts to attempt a firearm disarm... The ideal time to make a move is when the gunman is distracted in thought and dialogue. This is supposing that the gunman really doesn't want to shoot the guy for his possessions too.

    He obviously had insufficient skill points in small guns to operate the firearm. He also didn't have enough strength to win unarmed. Which makes me wonder where he allocated his attribute points to, because it sure as hell wasn't intelligence.

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