GameStop Blames Poor Sales On Broke Customers Reneging On Preorders

GameStop Blames Poor Sales On Broke Customers Reneging On Preorders

Despite the onslaught of desirable, highly anticipated titles, week after week this fall, GameStop’s sales are “lower than expected,” the dominant games retailer told investors, simply because there were too many good games out there for customers to buy, especially in a poor economy.

“The quarter presented some challenges in topline, due to a cash-strapped consumer that could not afford all of the good titles released during the quarter,” CEO Paul Raines said in an earnings call, according to Gamasutra.

What’s worse, GameStop president Tony Bartel said customers put down for preorders on all sorts of games this fall, ranging from Arkham City to Madden 12 to Dead Island, Gears of War 3 and Battlefield 3, but never picked up the game. “We had expectations for strong sales due to the great title lineup and record reservations,” Bartel said. “But we found that consumers were unable to fund the products that they wanted, as these strong titles rolled out week after week.”

That’s the devil you dance with when you’re so aggressive about preorders, I guess. It’s not surprising then that I’ve heard through the rank-and-file grapevine that the retailer is de-emphasizing its ubiquitous, often obnoxious upsells and pre-order pitches. It could be because we’re coming to the last big week for retail releases, with nothing to really upsell until January. But it may also be that booking those $US5 commitments in better times were more indicative of future sales, where now all it represents is a gamer’s wish he can’t fulfil.

GameStop: Customers’ Wallets Couldn’t Keep Up With Strong Release Slate [Gamasutra]


  • Just finished and love Assassin’s Creed: Revelations, next up is Batman: Arkham City on the PC. It’s weird, but I think I’ll be strangely relieved to have a breather for a month or so. I’m sure many of these people who cancelled pre-orders will catch up on the games they missed eventually too.

  • So, does that mean they get $5 for nothing?

    Maybe they should up the commitment to $10, or 15% of the price or something.


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        • Ohhh that. I’m sorry. I didn’t realise the Occupy movement was such a precious thing to you. Yes it’s my fault that I assumed that people who clearly look like they haven’t bathed in years let alone wear clothing that most homeless people wouldn’t touch are jobless bums with a “the world owes me attitude”. It’s also my fault that I assumed their protest had no point to it whatsoever. I should completely disregard that everything the Occupy movement stands for will only come about if one can change basic human nature and see their point, not for the simple fact that it’s completely ludicrous and childishly naive, but as something much more than that.

          You have my deepest apologies…

          Actually, I’ll be honest, that last line is aimed at everyone who comes into this article not expecting political talk but got it because you have a chip on your shoulder.

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          • So you’re holding a grudge against a person I’m assuming you don’t even know because he commented on an article three days ago you disagreed with?

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          • You really should have just e-mailed this response to Chazz. Don’t keep trying to get the last word on Kotaku, as nobody cares.

          • It’s ok brah Asuron’s one of those idiots who thinks that Smash Bros is a fighting game hahahaha

  • Isn’t this the same store who were opening sealed packages of some game, I forget which game it was now, and removing some special DLC vouchers and then placing the boxes back on the shelves? Something like that.. maybe it’s stuff like that which is the real problem..

  • Did they actually research why people weren’t picking up pre-orders or did they just say “Well, it obviously can’t be us, so people must be broke.”? It sort of feels like it has “PR-spin” written all over it.

  • The whole, “if you don’t preorder we may not have any copies left on launch day” is of course going to get more people to pre-order and subsequently not follow through during a busy release period.

  • Excessive prices + poor/uneducated customer service + shady practices = decline in sales.
    Sounds like someone’s crying foul because people are getting smarter. Just like this Gerry Harvey bulls***.

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