GameStop Employees Suing Over Unpaid Conditions

Multinational retailer GameStop is facing a lawsuit from its own employees over security checks the company performs on them whenever they go for a break or clock off for the day.

It's policy to make sure nobody has stolen anything when coming and going from a store, yet while this may seem intrusive and untrusting, that's not the reason the suit is being brought against GameStop. Instead, it's being brought because the time it takes to perform those checks is time the employees aren't being paid.

A former GameStop employee has filed the suit with the Superior Court of California, claiming that these security checks infringed upon worker's rights to uninterrupted breaks, and that workers paid hourly rates were not compensated for the time it took to complete these checks.

In terms of damages, the suit is asking for one hour's pay for each day an employee did not receive their full, entitled break times under California law.

GameStop slapped with workers' rights suit [GameSpot]


    Instead, it’s being brought because the time it takes to perform those checks is time the employees aren’t being paid.


    I can't believe they do these checks. I may not have an R18+ rating for games but I am still grateful I don't live in the USA. I'm surprised Americans don't dislike the place as much as the rest of the world SEEM to.
    PS. Every American bar 1 or 2 I have met are lovely people I just seem to be getting a negative impression on the country itself.

      They do this in Australia too.

        no they don't. I worked at eb for a year and never got searched when I went on lunch breaks or went home. The unpaid conditions I think are worse at eb though. Closed doors at 530, counted money and sometimes setup till 6. Only got paid till 5:30 the checks 10 minutes before you leave? Or is that too smart?

      I mean 10 minutes before their scheduled knock-off time, obviously.

        If they did that and included the time for the security check in your hours, then there wouldn't be a lawsuit. The problem isn't the timing of the checks but the fact that they aren't being done on the clock.

    EB Games Australia are playing with fire too. It takes at least 15 minutes to close up a store at closing time and they stop paying when the doors shut. Not to mention unpaid stocktakes and meetings.
    Any other EB employees agree?

      It's in your contract that you will be required to work an acceptable level on unpaid overtime, such as the opening and closing of stores and stocktakes.

      You should read your contract before going 'OMG I WERK IN A VIDEO GAME STORE YAY!'

      15 mins? I'm out in an hour if I'm lucky.

    What are they doing, strip searching them? How long does it take to look in someone's bag? If you're going to take your employer to court over 30 seconds then you better hope that you're working 100% of the time your being paid, and don't need a toilet break or need to take an important personal call while on the clock some time.

      "The class-action suit, which surfaced this week in the Superior Court of California's online database, was brought by a former GameStop employee..."

      Actually sounds like one disgruntled ex-employee who doesn't actually have any fellow litigants yet.

    At my work, while we don't have checks, we still have to enter and exit the store via a staff entrance that's located on the lower floor. So, essentially, to duck out and grab a drink means I have to take the lift or escalators down and make my way to the staff entrance. This obviously eats into time however most people wait until you actually have the coffee or drink or whatever before "officially" starting their break.

    at certain game stores in aus you get paid 9-5.30 but are required to be there working from 8.30 till 6pm and get a warning if you do not but that extra hour each day isn't paid either. i feel thats alot more justified for action than a 30 second bag check

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