GameStop's Ultraviolet Anti-Incentive

So, Batman: Arkham City is a leading contender for Game of the Year and, as would follow, its reviews have been very positive. Anyone who hasn't bought it yet is probably just scrimping and saving, waiting for just the right sale to finally get them to commit to saving Gotham City.

The one that GameStop's currently offering ain't it.

The giant retail chain's trying to entice Batfans by offering the 1995 Batman Forever

Now, I know that this is Gamestop and Warner Brothers probably trying to work some synergy mojo. The likely thinking is that binding a hot game with an associated film property will generate interest in the new UltraViolet media streaming initiative. If the movie were good, well, then, sure. But Batman Forever's widely regarded as the worst of all the cinematic interpretations of the Caped Crusader. Put Batman Begins or The Dark Knight up for streaming and then you've got a deal might actually get folks to try out Ultraviolet. But no one's showing up for Schwarznegger's Mr Freeze, GameStop. No one.

Play as Batman now, watch Batman Forever [GameStop]

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    "But Batman Forever's widely regarded as the worst of all the cinematic interpretations of the Caped Crusader"

    Actually, that was Batman & Robin. Plus, Batman Forever is no Dark Knight but it's not THAT bad. :P

      Gotta agree. Batman and Robin made me want to claw my face off.

      I mean George Clooney?! GEORGE CLOONEY?! Who the hell thought that was a good idea!?!?

      I'm sorry... it still make me mad...*deep breath

        I actually prefer Batman & Robin over Batman Forever. Batman & Robin is a completely ridiculous throwback to the camp 60s tv show. Batman Forever is stuck between the gothic mood of movie #2 and the silliness of movie #4. It doesn't commit to serious or stupid, and is left being just plain bad.

          Yes but one of the camp performances from BF was Tommy Lee Jones therefore your argument is invalid. :P

    Yeah Arnie is in batman and robin as mr freeze not batman forever. Do your research journalist

      Tonight's forecast... a FREEEEEEZE IS COMING!!

        "You need to chill!"
        Seriously tho, theres even a picture that shows val kilmer as batman and jim carrey, tommy lee as the bad guys,
        Lazy article

          That's just cold man =/

    The entire quadrology were embarrassingly bad.
    As a true Batman fan, seeing the Batman/Joker paradigm reduced down to "he killed my parents, so I'll kill him" was basically blasphemy.
    Screw Tim Burton; In Nolan We Trust.

      I loved Batman when I saw it at cinemas as a child. It was awesome. I picked it up on bluray for cheap a while back.... and I couldn't get the whole way through it without browsing websites at the same time so I didn't have to focus on it completely. Definitely a case of childhood nostalgia gone horribly wrong that.

      That said Jack is awesome playing himself as always. Woo Jack!

      "As a true Batman fan"...really?

    I have a real soft spot for Batman Forever, actually. Much preferred Kilmer to Keaton.

    Now if they included a copy of Batman beyond return of the joke or under the red hood that would be awesome, also mr freeze is in batman and robin this one where stuck with Jim carrey on heroin

    Seriously, how many more of these piece of shit articles do we have to put up with? Is there a competition where you have to spot the hideously obvious mistakes in each post? Useless. Totally fucking useless, my mum could write better shit than this.

      It's a good thing we have you and the rest of the whinger army to complain on every.single.article.

      Going to ask for a refund on your subscription to the site? ;)

        So just because something is free you're not allowed to point out a constant barrage of appalling errors in every.single.article? Is it wrong to expect some degree of professionalism and pride in one's work? These guys can't even be bothered to press a spellcheck button. It's one click with a mouse! If I performed as poorly in my job I'd have been sacked a long time ago.

        There is advertising on this site. Advertisers PAY to advertise. I read the site whilst viewing advertising. I PAY for reading the articles by putting up with mcFLURRY ads. It isn't much to expect a bit of editing.

          "It isn’t much to expect a bit of editing." Editing not so much the problem. Being blatantly wrong on the facts of the artivcle is.

          get Firefox ;)

    Batman & Robin mate but anything that wasnt an early TIm burton version wasnt that crash hot (Dark Knight aside)

    Dumbfuck writer didn't get his facts right before squeezing out a word turd, attempting to make fun at someone else's expense.

    Speak of crap Batman movies... was anyone else HORRIBLY DISSAPPOINTED in the animated version of Batman: Year One that recently came out? Right off the bat it's done in an animation style that I don't feel fits with that story/comic at all... but I was willing to look past that... until I kept watching it and realized I was wincing the entire time.
    It was like every single thing they did was off or just totally wrong for the mood/pacing. It didn't help that Batman and Gordon were very poorly voiced, which surprised me because I thought Brian Cranston would be a good choice for Gordon. The only performances that were decent to good were Dushku and Sackhoff as Selina and Essen, who have maybe 4 lines between the two of them.

    Not to mention that 90% of the dialog/monologues were cut, and the ones that are retained are poorly delivered or even painful to listen to.

    My favorite is when Gordon is in the diner with Essen and instead of an inner monologue narration as in the comic, he says everything in that monologue *out loud* and to Essen. Don't even get me started on how Gordon's 'it kicks' monologue is skewered all to hell.

    I bought the Blu Ray assuming it'd be good like most the rest of the DC animated films have been up until now, so I was pretty dissappointed to discover I disliked it so much. There was a bonus animated feature called 'Catwoman' which had slightly better animation and whatnot, but had an absurd scene where Catwoman poses as a stripper and zips her suit down below her navel and reaches her hand under to pull out her whip... getting the drop on the villian of course. It was really awkward to watch that after having just seen lots of discussion on this site about Arkham City and its treatment of female characters.

    A bad taste was indeed had in my mouth.


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