Gaze Into These New Final Fantasy XIII-2 Screens

In my hands-on preview, I talked about how Final Fantasy XIII-2's trying to shake things up a bit. You'll find some new things in these screens, including a bizarre new character who'll be popping up throughout the game.

The woman in the feathered suit is Chocolina, a flamboyant chicken woman who's a travelling merchant in FFXIII-2. She'll be providing the usual hook-ups and providing some comic relief when the sequel comes out next year.


    cannot wait ..

    Getting the chinese version with english subs/japanese dubs this time so I don't end up with 3 different region copies of the same game like I did with the first one >_>

    wow 300 CP! /b/ syayes clearly NO CP!... fail game is fail

      I fail to see the reason you're here. If you dislike XIII and XIII-2, why bother wasting your time searching up information and pictures so you can spam your nonsense that none of us want to hear?
      Yeah, freedom of speech, opinionated beliefs and all, but merely stating the game is fail without playing it?

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