Gears Of War 2 Ripped-Off, Crying Marcus Fenix And All

YouTube's Ashens takes a delightful look at a Marcus Fenix "Bionicle of War 2" figure for ages 3 and up!

The packaging features official art, a tweaked Gears logo, and a list of the other collectible figures that include "Damon Baird", "C Santiago", "Boomer" and "Locust Drone".

The totally unofficial figures are made by Telitoy, a toy maker hopefully run by people with names like CliffyD and Mark Rain, but probably not.

If only the figure's name was Marcus Phoenix.

Bionicle Of War 2: Fake Gears Of War Figures [YouTube -- Thanks Salari!]


    It's actually looks much better than any of the Hasbro's Marvel Universe series.

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