Get 10 Great Indie Game Soundtracks For $US1

Get 10 Great Indie Game Soundtracks For $US1

Following in the footsteps of the Humble Indie Bundle, today only you can buy the Game Music Bundle for as much as you’d like to pay, from $US1 to $US10,000. (Yes, there is actually an option to pay 10 grand.)

The soundtracks include most of the best indie game tracks from the past couple of years, including Danny B’s killer Super Meat Boy OST, SoulEye’s VVVVVV soundtrack, and C418’s Minecraft: Volume Alpha. If you play $US10 or more, you’ll get seven bonus soundtracks, including the soundtracks from The Binding of Isaac and Extreme Road Trip.

Any way you slice it, that’s a hell of a lot of music for very little dough. Even if you’re participating in Buy Nothing Day, well… surely $US1 towards independent game music composers wouldn’t be the worst way to break your fast?

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  • Anyone who passes this offer up is insane. I paid $15. The music is fantastic and I don’t think I have had better value for money to date.
    These artists are awesome!

  • I own several of these already (In fact, one of the PPPPP tracks is playing right now) but it’s still incredible value for the number of albums I don’t yet have. Make sure you pay more than $10 to get 7 bonus tracks.

  • Thanks for sharing Kotaku! Just getting into Cobalt at the moment. The awesomeness of this deal is epic, and so far the musics been excellent.

  • Oh man, THANKYOU. You just made my kids day. He loves video game music and had been asking me for a couple of those soundtracks. So I paid more than enough to get all 17 albums. So worth it.

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