Get 20% More Evil In Today's Free The Binding Of Isaac Update

Edmund McMillen's The Binding of Isaac managed to be one of the creepiest, most f-ed up games come out in quite some time. So, it's especially fitting that the co-creator of Super Meat Boy's offering a sizable update on All Hallow's Eve for his action-RPG shooter. Here's what the update adds, from McMillen's blog:

-Added chapter 5 (unlocked after 10 mum kills) -Added 3+ new bosses -Added 4 new enemies -Added 20+ new items -Added one new unlockable character (Eve) -Added one new "FINAL" ending. -Added 6+ new achievements -Added 2 new music tracks -Added updated collection viewer -Added 4 new tarot cards (finishing the major arcana)

McMillen promised that he'd be rolling out fresh Isaac content if the game garnered a sizable following and this update follows up on that pledge. You can get the game over on Steam right here.

The Binding of Isaac Halloween update! [Edmund McMillen]


    Really happy about this. Essentially free DLC for a game that only cost me $3. And not sure if this is strange or not, but I've put 25 hours into this game so far. It's like crack!

    One of the best games this year - and for sure the best indie title.

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